Squeaky Clean

I just had a spectacular shower.

Getting clean just hasn’t been the same since I came home from the hospital.  And in the past month, it’s been a particularly daunting experience.

Now, you may not consider showering as an excessively strenuous activity.  It is, however, one of the most physically stressful things I do.  Standing for a long period of time is tiring and increasing painful.  Add in the actual soaping and scrubbing, and I am absolutely wiped out by the time I exit the bathroom.

But no more!  I am the proud new owner of a bath stool.  Okay, I’m not so proud.  But I am glad I got it.  Today I was able to sit and relax in a waterfall of hot water.  Ahhhh…

Yes, I’m here to tell you how awesome it is to shower sitting down.  It’s like the relaxation of a bath without having to fill a tub with soon-to-be tepid water.  And when you need to move around, you just stand up.  No need to hoist yourself from the floor and hope you don’t fall on your a$$.  (No one wants to be the person who died in a bathroom accident.)  If you are eco-sensitive, this should certainly use less water.  And if you are particularly dirty, you won’t be sitting in your own grime, as you would in a regular bath.

The stool has a padded, antibacterial swivel seat and adjusts in height.  I paid $38 at a medical supply store via ebay.

3 responses to “Squeaky Clean

  • RoniLynn

    Ok, that looks really cool. Mom is in year three of her battle with lung cancer. We’ve tried two different ‘bath seats’ for my mom. First, the ‘shower bench’…geez, how in the world can you use that AND keep water in the tub/shower and NOT on the floor? A MESS! Then, the shower chair which is really too big for mom’s tub and really is meant for a walk-in shower. ARRGHHH frustration. I feel awful that my mom just can’t take a normal shower like the rest of us. And honestly, we really just need to renovate the bathroom and replace the tub/shower combo with a huge walk-in shower. That would be the BEST option. In the meantime, mom continues to struggle. I’ve wondered if the stool that you show in the pic would work for my mom. I’m just afraid that she might topple over? Would that be possible? She’s a small 158lbs, but have you had any issues of almost missing the stool?

    I’m sorry to be so blunt to ask you to share TMI…but, well, once cancer comes into your life I guess it becomes an open book. I will continue to follow your blog. Be strong and take each day as it comes.

    • Jessica

      The stool is really stable, and the seat is large. I weigh more than that, and I feel very secure while sitting on it. I have a standard bathtub, too. You should definitely try it for her! You are right – once you face something like this, you realize that sacrificing a little bit of privacy can gain you a lot of camaraderie. I wish you and your mom the best!

  • Bunny Friend

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m a friend on bunspace. I have read through your story and have been praying for you. I just wanted to send you a website for you to check out. Read about Vernon’s Dance.


    Glad to hear you had a great shower!

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