An Arm and a Lung

This quickly became the week to worry about money.

It actually started Saturday when I realized I was only paid for one week of work.  It turns out that MetLife is taking “longer than their agreed upon timeframe” to do an in-depth analysis of my short term disability claim.  Yes, the one they approved 7 weeks ago.  They confirmed there was no delay in receiving information from my doctor.  They are just taking longer than they should, and I don’t get paid in the mean time.  Awesome.

Today I had my long term disability phone interview.  I’m still several weeks away and hopefully won’t need it.  During that call, they told me an interruption in pay like this one would never happen on LTD.  Uh, comforting?

Next up…  My insurance company and the providers are starting to settle on figures, and the large bills are rolling in.  Until now, the co-payments have been trivial and under $20; I’ve been paying those as they arrive.  But now they have extra zeros, so I need to figure out payment plans and all that jazz.  I also know I should go over each line item to understand what it is, whether or not I received it, and whether it was covered properly by my insurance company.  I should also reconcile bills received with the Explanation of Benefits before I pay anything.  If you know of an online tool or software to organize all this nonsense, please let me know!

And to complete the trifecta, this is the first week where I will receive 60% of my salary.  (A side note: if I was out for pregnancy, I would have another 5 weeks at 100% pay under the same plan.)

::sigh:: I know I will figure it out.  I always do.  And I know I’m not the first person to have a serious illness with the accompanying financial concerns.  But tonight I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and say, ‘woe is me!’  Thanks for listening!


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