The Frog List

Some cancer patients have a “bucket list,” but I’m not a fan of the term. So I introduce to you The Frog List: Things to do before I croak!  My biggest supporters recently started a fundraising page for me via

My Priorities

  • Move my mom closer to me: we are best friends and not being able to see each other often is so difficult. UPDATE! We found a farm that is an hour and fifteen minutes away. She and the animals are moving in February!
  • Marry Seth and honeymoon: he did ask, after all!
  • JUST ADDED! Buy a piece of furniture for the new farm so I can spend time with others, be comfortable (lie down), and not be in bed all the time. This can be an (inexpensive but large) sofa or a comfy recliner.
  • Keep the lights on!

Trips (as my health allows)

  • Go to a NASCAR short track raceUPDATE! Mission accomplished!
  • Tour Europe with Seth (honeymoon?)
  • Visit my close friend in South Africa

Cool Activities

  • Meet Patrick Stewart
  • See a Cirque/Vegas-style show
  • Attend more music concerts
    • UPDATE! A local cancer support group, The Joe Mack Foundation, is buying tickets so Seth and I can see George Strait on his final tour!
      • George Strait
      • Goo Goo Dolls
      • Dido
      • Christina Perri
      • Richard Hawley
  • Go ice skating: just a few minutes at a time, of course! UPDATE! Two Philly-based friends have a plan for this once it gets colder.  Maybe we’ll make a public outing for whoever can show up one Saturday night!
  • Get a pair of cowboy boots (this goes on the bottom of the list until I lose steroid weight again!)

10 responses to “The Frog List

  • Fabulous Vintage

    Hi Jessica. I’ve just started reading your blog. You are an amazing woman and a wonderful human being. I’ve read your Frog List and I see on the smaller stuff you have listed ‘get a pair of cowboy boots’.
    What size are your feet? I ask because a few years back I bought the most amazing pair of handmade cowboy boots in Vegas. They were VERY VERY expensive and they are the most beautiful boots, and get this, I have worn them just once. If they fit you I would like you to have them. I live in Sydney, Australia but we are coming to the UK / USA for Oct to January so I could send them to you very soon. How can I email you a picture? They are size 7B. I know it’s just a small gesture but it’s something I can do to make you smile (I hope).
    Let me know and I’ll email you a picture ASAP.

    • Jessica

      You are so sweet! Sadly, I’m a 6 US (36 euro). I’ll email you, too, just to be sure you get this reply!

    • Will

      Hello Jessica, have you changed your eating habits at all? Please take a look into b17 vitamin and the story behind it. A friend of mine healed herself from 5 tumors. Her name is Sandi from youtube, trust me,she is genuine and sincere. At the moment, my girlfriend is battling with stage IV lung cancer, ALK positive, non smoker.

      All The Best,


  • kate

    Oh Geez take the boots wear thick socks….they sound AMAZING!!!!

  • Toni-Marie

    Hi Jessica, Down Goes Cancer-The Joe Mak Memorial Foundation would love to help you cross off one of your wishes on your frog list. We have two tickets for you to go see George Strait on February 28th. Please let us know how to better get in contact with you.

    Toni-Marie Wise

  • lyndseymartin

    Hello Jessica! First off I think you have a WONDERFUL personality and a very sweet and lovable person! I lost both my mother, who was my best friend, and my grandfather to lung cancer. When I lost my mom in 2012 I did not know how to project my feelings. Wish I would have known about blogs then!! I love that you are sharing your experience with us and I hope it gives you relief and strength during your troubling times!! 🙂 Stay strong and DON’T GIVE UP!! Even though I am in Louisiana, if you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to let me know!!

  • Shwinston Churchil

    Hey man. I don’t know you guys, but I love you. Thank you for writing this story (all of the previous and subsequent posts included). You are awesome, and so was Jessica. I am feeling very emotional and also learning things that I really wanted to learn from this blog. Thank you.

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