Rest in Peace Jessica

Hello, my name is Wayne Gossger.  Seth and Jessica are really close friends of mine.  It is with deep regret that I need to inform you that Jessica has lost her fight with cancer and has passed away Friday evening on March 28, 2014.

Seth is trying to deal with this and cannot write an update to Jessica’s blog at this time.  He promised Jessica that he would write a final post after she passed, and I’m sure he will at some point, but now is not that time.  I wanted to help him out by providing something to post so all of you are informed.

All Seth and Jessica’s friends and family are now rallying around him to help him in this difficult time as well as helping Jessica’s family.

I would ask each of you to say an extra prayer, hug your loved ones a little harder, and stop and make time for anyone that is struggling with such a disease.

At this time, all I can do is remember all those great times I’ve had with Jessica.  Attached is one my favorite pictures of Seth & Jessica.  We went to a minor league baseball game with a large group of friends and had one of the greatest days ever.  This was well before she learned of her cancer.  Not a care in the world, just all of us enjoying life and living in the moment.

I understand that when she found out she had cancer that she was given 10 months to live.  She ended up enjoying over two years and I was lucky to help her enjoy some of that time along the way, when she was able.  I know Seth and Jessica definitely made the most of it.

Jessica, you have inspired many who follow this blog, you provided hope for us all, and made us all want to be better people.  While you’re no longer with us physically, you will live forever in our memories and our hearts. We look forward to making an incredibly well-deserved toast of scotch to your life and your spirit.



June 2007 at Campbell's Field

June 2007 at Campbell’s Field


47 responses to “Rest in Peace Jessica

  • Debbie Talley

    I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Prayers And hugs go out to the family. She has been A real inspiration to me and I know a lot of other people. Rest in peace sweet Jessica You will be missed

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  • Angela

    So sorry to hear that Jessica has died. At least her pain & suffering are over. Those who are left behind continue to hurt & grieve. Seth & Jessica’s Mom–I know your loss is acute & so much more painful for you than it is for those of us who knew all of you through her blog. May God give you a peace that only He can.

  • Jackie

    You will be missed my friend. So many great memories of you- they will all love on. Love, Jackie

  • Kathy Christensen

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m just heart broken. I started following Jessica’s blog when my sister found out she had lung cancer. Her blogs were written with such grace and beauty. They gave me such insight into what my sister must be feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with Seth and the family.

  • costellocnm

    Thank Wayne for informing us.There are so many people who were touched by Jessica’s story & blog. She was a major source of inspiration for me when I was first diagnosed with lung cancer & throughout this crazy cancer journey I am on. My heart goes out to her,Seth,her family & friends. She will live forever in the hearts of all who knew & loved her. May she rest in Peace.

  • Jonathan Dale

    I’m so sorry Seth. Words are not enough right now. So many tears. So very sorry. You are and will continue to be in my thoughts.

  • Lori Mixson

    Blessings and prayers of comfort and peace to Jessica’s family and friends. May God rest her sweet soul. I am thankful to have been touched by Jessica’s fighting, sweet spirit. God bless all.

  • readytotellLinda

    I have never been so touched by anyone as I have been with Jessica. I only knew her from her Blog, yet, I depended on her. Hearing her strength amidst such a circumstance was more than inspiring. It was quite needed. And all of us who got to know her grew closer as time grew longer. I prayed she would live to be old and gray. I lost my sister to Lung Cancer. She only lasted 11 months after diagnosis, so Jessica has been my hope.
    I know everything happens for a reason. But, sometimes I can’t find it.
    I will miss her. Seth, I know you will. What a wonderful man you are and someone she obviously loved and cherished, and bragged about. I was so relieved knowing she had you by her side always. I pray for her Mother, as I, too am a Mother, and Jessica’s passing is more than she can bear.
    With peace and deepest affection and condolences,

  • Ruth Rainwater

    Jessica is an inspiration for me. My condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

  • Mary Ann

    Thank you for letting us know. Prayers said for her and her family & friends. I truly admired her for her courage and generosity. Sharing her story – the struggles and triumphs – helped me more than I can say. What a gift she gave those she knew and strangers alike. Rest in peace, Jessica.

  • Kathleen Hoffman, PhD

    What a brilliant woman and great soul! I am so sorry for your loss, for Seth’s loss of this beautiful, loving person, for her mother’s loss of a darling daughter and friend and for all of her family. My sincere condolences to all of you. Prayers for solace.

  • Natalie

    I am heartbroken by this news. May Seth and Jessica’s mom find comfort that Jessica is no longer in pain. You guys are in my prayers and thoughts.

  • molly

    Dear Seth and Jessica’s Family
    My heart just aches for you. I am so sorry for your loss and my prayers go out to you. Thank you for letting us know.


  • Ziggyu Techdog

    I am so saddened by this for her blog was extremely meaningful to me. Seth and Jessica’s mom, you were so blessed with Jessica. I do know even though I never met Jessica, she was a lovely young lady.

  • Craig

    I will miss Jessica. I knew her online ever since she was diagnosed with ALK-driven lung cancer, sharing my experience with Xalkori and what I knew about further options for ALK. I wished for more for her, but it was not to be. It sounds as if her suffering and disability at the end weren’t as prolonged as often happens, though — something to be grateful for.

    Now my thoughts turn to Seth, Jessica’s Mom, and her friends and favorite animals. I hope it won’t be too many months before you all can begin to cope with and adapt to your loss and hope you’ll continue to help each other with that.

    Best hopes,

    in PA

  • Sjoukje

    I can’t believe that this dreadful moment finally came. Jessica, you were a brave and inspiring woman. You will be dearly missed. You are free from all the pain and no longer do you have to fight. Rest in peace my sweet fellow bunmom. xxxxx

    Sending lots of love to Seth and all of her loved ones.

  • Dora

    Thank you for posting on behalf of Seth this very very difficult time for him,.I knew Jessica and her battle by her posts here and because of her bunny,Blossom…but i admired her strenght and love for life till the end…I followed all her blogs and life and she surely was a very special person even to us we never met her in person…..Rest in peace sweet Blossom’s mummy…May you be surrounded by bunnies binkying around you..Love and hugs to Seth,mum and all the family who is missing you….

    Dora xxx

  • Wild

    We are so so sorry to hear Jessica was very Beautiful and very Brave we love you and are sending lots and lots of love Prayers and well wishes to all family’s Blossom you do a good job on taking care of your Family
    Jessica your an Angel now Be Free

  • Bill

    I am sorry Seth, Jessica was brave enough to touch the world and her legacy will go on forever. Give Blossom an extra hug for me.

  • stage5cancerblog

    Hard to take, she was one of my fellow warriors. My sympathy, love and regards to Seth and her people. God’s speed to your peaceful rest Jessica…

  • Ed

    To Seth and Jessica’s Family, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you now face the loss of someone who inspired so many people with cancer, those with loved ones who fight, and all of us mere mortals who are in awe of her words, deeds, and her sharing of her story, Her legacy is that she has opened doors for some many others by pushing doctors and drug companies to think and act differenly; to know that so many await the day to come when cancer will be cured. Thank you all for sharing such a personal and difficult journey, and to remind us all to realy remember what is important.

  • Claire

    I’m just so sorry. I have tears running down my face. Jessica, Seth and all of their family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my dad to lung cancer in December 2012 after his diagnosis at the end of August.

  • Juli Vlad

    Dear Wayne,

    Thank you for stepping in for Seth today.  I know Jessica through Luv-N-Bunns & met her for the first time at the Holiday Party,  She was a courageous & lovely lady who fought so hard & stretched out her life as much as she could, all while sharing her journey on her blog.  That was so personal, unselfish & brave.

    Seth must be a supremely wonderful guy.  He stood by Jessica through obstacles that I can not properly imagine without any official commitment other than his own ethics & set of values.  This is quite a powerful message for all in relationships, and this is what true love is about.  Jessica may have been deprived of years but she was not deprived of true love, thanks to Seth.


    Juli Vlad 


  • Sharon Wierwille

    I am so sorry to hear of Jessica’s passing. I followed her blog and could relate to her, since I have ALK+ LC as well. May all of her family and friends find comfort and peace in your wonderful memories of her.


  • Sabina

    Thank you Wayne for stepping in to give Seth time to absorb the gut wrenching punch that death of a beloved delivers.

    I am struggling with what to write as I only heard of Jessica’s passing a few moments ago and I’m still a little shocked.

    I think I will limit myself to simply expressing my deepest sympathy to Seth, her mother, brother, other family and also her animals whom I’m sure know she is no longer in this world.

    As a believer in an existence beyond this one, I cannot help but be glad that she has been released from suffering and is now in bliss. My prayers will now be directed towards the comfort of those who will miss her presence and long for reunion.

  • Sharon

    Blessings, peace and grace to all.

  • John

    Although my family never met Jessica, many of them followed her blog, and she even inspired my oldest daughter to begin her own. We are all sad to know that she passed, but are relieved that her pain is over. We will all miss her humor and feistiness. Thank you for sharing everything with us. She will be missed – not forgotten.

  • Angela

    My deepest sympathy to Seth and all of Jessica’s friends and family. Thank you for your gracious post Wayne. I knew Jessica through her blog which I found after the loss of a beloved friend. I will always admire Jessica’s courage, humor, intelligence and her honesty.

  • Michelle Shaw, Canada

    My thoughts are with all of Jessica’s loved ones at this time, particularly her mother and Seth. She was the picture of courage and grace. Please give Blossom a special snorgle for me, and know that Jessica is missed far and wide, thanks to her graciousness in sharing her journey with so many of us through her blog.

  • Anand Kumar Katakam

    My prayer’s are with Seth and Jessica’s family. Jessica was an embodiment of true fighter till the last moment. No one can replace the loved one, except that time will heal. Sweet memories of Jessica are left with Seth and family.

  • MikeW

    Prayer goes up, even as Jessica is way ahead into the reality against which all fallen things here contrast; way ahead of this comparatively prehistoric cyber storage of words, seeing only freedom ahead, no more death, no more ugliness whatsoever, truth without words, only the resolution of all lost good things, all abandoned hopes, the finding of all lonely hearts, the reunion of all with whom missed times, unsaid loves, and undone deeds is forever rendered obsolete, forever fulfilled beyond all expectations, and really, somewhere she is in the great transcendence of God’s. Pray for us up there Jessica! These are the kind of words I used to write but slowed from writing as I got older, thinking myself too unqualified or jaded to write of such things. I am, but having read Jessica’s words in the past, the same truths my heart perceived as a child spring back seeing all the pretenses of this world unable to touch another spirit liberated from a fallen body, awaiting a new body, rejoicing always…

  • Jeanine

    I’m so very sorry for your loss, Seth. Jessica was a true inspiration. May she rest in eternal peace. My condolences to her mom.

  • Mary Ruggiero

    I am so very sorry to hear of this news, and actually shocked. Her posts always conveyed such tremendous sense of strength. But that was how she was in general. I met her at Wharton in early 2000 and we worked on several project teams together. Later she recommended me for a position at ARAMARK, which I stayed at for 10 years. She left for what sounded like some amazing opportunities. I always found her to be so confident and capable and strong but reserved. Also a sharp sense of humor. I will miss her spirit and my heart goes out to Seth, her family and all the good friends she has. I am glad our paths met. –Mary Ruggiero

  • Tim DeLooze

    Many prayers to Seth and Jessica’s families. I have been reading her blog since before I lost my own wife to cancer. It helped me deal with the loss and pain. I pray that Jessica’s family and friends find some peace in that she is no longer in pain.

  • carol

    We all prayed and prayed but we didn’t get the miracle asked for. Or possibly we did. I wanted recovery. I wanted peace and happiness. Jessica, you were such an inspiration with so much love and compassion for everyone. Always putting others pain before your own. You made me laugh and cry. You gave me faith in my endeavors that I could achieve anything. My dear friend, you may be gone but forever have touched my heart and soul. You will always hold a very special place in my heart and mind. My greatest hope is you are enjoying all the promises our Lord has secured for us in the afterlife. I pray Seth will find comfort in your memories and the belief you are now in paradise, no pain, no hurt, no worries. Just surrounded by love. Words are lost to me on my feelings. Until we see each other again, I hope we make you proud at Luv-N-Bunns.

  • Nora DePalma

    I am so sorry to hear this. I became such a fan of Jessica’s and her frog list. I am praying very hard for Seth, her mom and her family.

  • Craig

    FYI – I believe this is Jessica’s obituary:

    A remarkable person in more ways than I knew.

    (I think the wake it describes as “last Monday” is actually today; I’m told those words will be corrected. The funeral home told me the wake is private for those invited, not public, but my thoughts will be with them.)

    Best hopes,

    in PA

  • Sandy

    So sorry to hear this. Jessica’s humor and grace were inspiring, and Seth’s devotion was evident. Prayers for Seth and Mom and rest of Jessica’s friends and family.

  • Michele nance

    My thoughts and prayers are with Seth and his family. I lost my husband to cancer at a very early age and I know Seth’s heartache.

  • Charles George

    Thank Wayne for informing us. I was also touched and inspired by Jessica’s story & blog. Sharing her journey was not easy, but I’m sure it will continue help many. My love, thoughts and prayers go out to her, Seth, her family & friends. May she rest in Peace.

  • Alan Beattie

    Condolences to all concerned! I’ve followed Jessica’s blog since being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in May 2013. All of a sudden I feel empty, she seemed like a security blanket to me

  • g

    Jessica was remarkable and I am very very sad to learn this news. More sad than the word sad can ever possibly convey.

  • naz1968

    Rest in peace Jessica, I was just reading your blogs and admire you for your strength.

  • Marybeth

    My heart aches for this news.

    My husband, Eric Holloway, 45, passed away Februaury 23 of this dreadful disease. He also had AlK lung.

    He battled for two years and leaves behind two boys, 6&2.

    Please know you are not alone in your grief and sorrow.

    I take comfort in knowing he is finally cancer free-I know Jessica is too.

  • Sally Pitman

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Rest in pease, Jessica. You were an inspiration to so many of us.

  • ciscodavidadler

    My family and I are so grateful for all your support. My sister was an inspiration. If you know someone fighting cancer please feel free to point them to her blog.

  • CareAcross

    Feeling very, very sorry, and very, very numb reading this.

    Rest in peace Jessica. Stay strong, Seth.

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