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Race Weekend!

It’s time to take a break from cancer and update you on our awesome NASCAR race weekend!

On Friday night Seth and I flew to Greensboro, NC. The flight was uneventful and plane definitely reusable. (That’s how I judge a good landing!) From there we rented a car and drove ten minutes to our hotel.

The DoubleTree by Hilton was very nice and clean. After plane tickets were purchased, my mom made some calls to hotels where I have a member number, explained why I was coming to the area, and tried to get the lowest rate. Her efforts paid off! The DoubleTree manager was very nice, and with the discount, we essentially got three nights for the price of two. Another bonus? Free hot breakfast each morning.

Saturday morning we drove approximately one hour north to the Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, VA. Our first stop was the NASCAR credentials trailer. My ticket donor said there would be pit passes waiting for us. We filled out the disclaimer form and waited in line. But once we got to the front they couldn’t find us on “the list.”

“That’s okay,” I said to Seth, trying to hide my disappointment. “We’re still here and have great seats!”

The woman at the table pointed to a closed door which led to a small, separate room. “They have other packets. I don’t know if they can help you or not.”

So we squeezed our way into the tinier room and waited for one of the two women to be available. We gave our names, and she scanned her list. She was flipping pages quickly when Seth said, “Wait! That’s us!” A packet was passed from one woman to the other, and two magic pieces of paper emerged. They said “HOT.” We printed and signed our names on a form already containing others. They trashed our disclaimer forms.

I was barely able to get back to the car and tell Seth, “close your door, close your door” before going “SQEEEEEEEEEE!!”

A “hot” pit pass gives you carte blanche to be INSIDE the track before, during, and after the race, including qualifying and practice. We were there for all the events both Saturday and Sunday. One of my favorite highlights was attending the pre-race driver’s meeting. While there was no room under the tent, we were all the way up front and just a few feet from the drivers, crew chiefs, and teams.

The races themselves (a lesser series on Saturday and the main event on Sunday) were great. The Sunday race was my favorite that I’ve ever attended: it had plenty of action, our seats were great, and the track is so short, there is always action right in front of you. (You don’t wait or watch with binoculars while the cars drive around a 2+ mile track.)

Seth and I took many pictures and a few small videos; I’ll share some on Facebook when I’m up to it.

Thank you for making this trip possible. Your donations via my YouCaring site paid for the airplane tickets, rental car, and hotel. And guess what? I can cross it off of my Frog List!



To Make the Move

Some of my biggest supporters recently started a fundraising page for me via YouCaring.com. To kick it off, we are using my Frog List: Things to do before I croak!

My number one priority and immediate need is to move my mom closer to me.  It’s critical on many levels.

Because it’s a very broad task, the goal of this post is to outline what needs to happen to make it a reality.

Part A: Sell our existing farm property.

This 15+ acre farmette is located in Tyler County, West Virginia, just two hours south of Pittsburgh International Airport.

  • Ideally, we sell this ASAP and avoid all the stress of carrying two mortgages until it sells.
  • This could be purchased by a traditional buyer.
  • But thinking “outside of the box,” it could also be purchased by a broker who would be willing to carry it until it sells. Can you help to connect me with someone in this industry?

Part B: Find a new property.

In order to make this move happen, we must make sacrifices.  This means paring down our farm and keeping only the animals we can’t bear to part with.  The property we buy needs a minimum of:

  • A modest house. We can drywall, floor, and paint, but it must be structurally sound with good plumbing and electrical.
  • 3+ clear acres.
  • Within a 2 hour drive of the Philadelphia International Airport. (I live close, and it’s a good landmark.)
  • Zoning allows horses.

Part C: Buying, Building, and Moving.

  • If we find a property that does not have existing accommodations for animals, we will buy the property and build a simple pole building and put up fencing.  Our budget for this scenario is around $100,000 +/-.
  • If we find a property already setup for horses, our budget is around $120,000 +/-.
  • This budget makes finding a property within two hours of Philadelphia very, very difficult.

So how can money help?

  • Real Estate Investors: Buying and reselling the property in West Virginia would allow some additional money towards buying a new property AND alleviate a world full of stress that will come along with carrying two mortgages. We are flexible on the asking price!
  • Philadelphia-Area Animal Lovers: Do you want a place to have your horses, etc. as well as a good property investment? Buy a small farm with caretaker’s quarters. We would pay modest rent and take care of your animals and the property.
  • Angel Investors / Donors: Amassing an extra $20,000, $50,000, etc. makes it much easier to find a property that meets our needs and get my mom closer ASAP.  Or, purchase a Philadelphia-area property which will only increase in value.  We don’t require any ownership in a property, and the full asset can be yours.
  • Every Dollar Helps! Spread the Word! Even smaller donations of $5 or $10 will add up if you can help me spread the word! Visit the fundraiser page and share via Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Thank you for your love and support.  No amount of money could ever buy that, and I realize I am very fortunate to have it.

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