Post Production

I’m pleased to report that I’m feeling human once again.

Last Tuesday I had my third dose of Camptosar (irinotecan) chemotherapy. It reminded me why some drugs are given on a “three weeks on, one week off” schedule. The body needs that fourth week to detox before you can add more poison. This is my best guess since each week it took me longer to bounce back than the week before.

In addition to making me feel like crap, this line of treatment has really impaired my blog post production.

Sometimes I think I have no more to contribute to the world of blogging. I’m nearing my two year cancerversary (diagnosis anniversary), and I wonder if I’ve shared everything there is to tell about lung cancer and the impact it has had on my life.

Treatment side effects stopped being unique long ago: fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and abdominal and back pain. Whether it’s a chemo drug decades old or the newest clinical trial for ALK+ tumors, there’s no doubt that I sound like a broken record.

I suppose I’m afraid of getting stale. I want this blog to be insightful and not just a place to bitch and moan. (I use Twitter for that!)


11 responses to “Post Production

  • costellocnm

    Hi Jessica, I am glad to hear you are feeling better ! Hang in there. I just had my first Cancerversary on Oct.18 & so Happy to see you re having your second. I am hoping the Tarceva I have been on for the last 2 months is doing it’s magic. I go for a full body scan & brain MRI on Wed.. Will know by next Mon. what’s up. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for both of us. . Thanks for keeping us up to date on how you are doing. Wishing you many better days ahead. 🙂 Maureen

  • stage5cancerblog

    don’t stop! I am turning 2 at Christmas and I love hearing from you.

  • Angela Evans

    Jessica–I’m glad your feeling human again. Please don’t stop blogging. I’m new to your blog. I want to walk w/ U thru this blog. I don’t have cancer,but I do have chronic health problems. Seeing your strength in the
    face of a dire diagnosis gives me strength to face each day. Hang in there!
    Hope 4 a cure or a better life!! What is your twitter handle??

  • Patty M. Powell

    Have you set a date yet for marriage?

  • Robin

    Keep posting! You give other lung cancer patients hope.

  • kimmywink

    I like reading your blog. But, you need to like being a blogger. Follow your heart… xoxo

  • Sjoukje

    Good to hear you are feeling better Jessica! Hope you will continue the blog.

    Sending love and nosebonks!

  • Miche Mastrangelo

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than the side affects of treatments. I can remember how bad my bones ached. Besides all the rest of the symtoms. I have to say after my first treatment I told my Daughter I would never go back again. It took me three weeks to recover, and just when I thought I was going to live through it, back for another round. You know the drill. By my 2th one I prayed for God to take me, But he didn’t and I had to go back a 3rd and 4th time. Thank God I didn’t have to have anymore treatments after the 4th one.. Don’t ever stop with your posting, it has really helped me out, and I have been doing alot of soul searching. I see my Doctor Dec 18th so I will talk with him about getting some therapy. I know I need it. Post when you feel up to it, We will all wait for you. You and the other women on here have been Blessings. Hugs to you ~ and it’s ok to bitch and moan, we have all been there. Other’s doing better than some, but we all understand. I have Zero tollerance to pain, so you can imagine what a pain I was. My Daughter was really good with me though, I have to say, I think if it was me alone I would have stuck a fork in my neck and called it done after the 1st treatment. But for the love of my Daughters and Grandbabies I had to hang in there. My Daughter made me stay with her. she knows me oh so well. Sending Hugs and Prayers for this nightmare to soon be over for you ~ Michelle

  • Sabina

    Hi Jessica,

    In response to: “…Sometimes I think I have no more to contribute to the world of blogging….” and “…I wonder if I’ve shared everything there is to tell about lung cancer and the impact it has had on my life….”

    Of course you started this blog with a purpose in mind but I think that some of your readers have developed an affection for you that goes beyond an interest in your disease and treatments. Speaking for myself, I actually love it when you talk about your Frog List, your animals, Seth, a day at the car races, life stuff. The reason is because you have a writing style that is charming and engaging and makes me interested in how you respond to the everyday things and not just the life threatening stuff. I’m always curious about how other humans cope (or not) with what life throws at them, how they think and feel. But very few people are willing or able to give me a peek inside their heads and hearts. And even if they wanted to share with me, even fewer of them have the skill to articulate it. So, don’t you dare think that you have nothing more to contribute to the world of blogging. I’d still read your blog, even if you talked about the weather because I think you would find a way to make that thought provoking and interesting.

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