My favorite goose died today.  I’ll miss you, Boris.


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10 responses to “Boris

  • Colleen

    He was beautiful.

  • costellocnm

    So Sorry for your loss. I wish our pet’s could live FORVER ! sending you a Big hug,Maureen

  • Nikki

    Jessica, I’m sorry for the loss of Boris. That’s a great pic of the two of you. Your animals are lucky to have such an amazing mom 🙂 you’re one very special person. Nikki x

  • Angela Evans

    Hi Jessica–I am sorry that your Boris died. I can imagine your sadness & sense of loss. I have an almost 15 y/o dachshund who is beginning to have more & more health problems,but she is loved as if she were my child. I cannot imagine losing her. Do you have to be careful around your animals because your cancer treatment causes you to be immunocompro-
    mised(yes,I am a Nurse)?

  • Lorraine Karl

    Beautiful feathering, special bird, sorry he is gone, hugs.


  • Sharon Larsen

    I’m, so, so sorry Jessica! He looked like an awesome goose. Its so sad to loose our family–even our pet family (because they are family).

  • Shari Kaplan Witaschek

    Hi Jessica! I’m Shari from Redwood City, California. I’m sorry about the passing of Boris. 😦 He looks and sounds like a sweet goose. I don’t know much about geese as pets, but I’ve had rats as pets — another “non-traditional” pet that some folks probably don’t know much about and would probably be surprised if they knew how much they are capable of giving & receiving love. 🙂 So I definitely feel for you!

    BTW, I discovered your blog via your video on the LUNGevity website, due to my work as a freelance editor/proofreader for a healthcare publishing company. I’m currently reading a continuing education course on women & lung cancer, & I had to verify a link the writer made to LUNGevity. That’s where I saw your video. I wanted to tell you that I’m very impressed with & inspired by your upbeat and persevering outlook! I also wanted to tell you that I’m thinking good thoughts for your recovery. I’m not a religious person, so I don’t pray, per se, but I’m spiritual, and I do believe in the power of thinking and/or sending good thoughts and/or energies. There’s no way to prove that it works, but I know for SURE that it doesn’t hurt, so I figure why not do it? 🙂 I think it’s especially powerful if the recipient knows folks are thinking about him/her. I saw this firsthand when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer; it really buoyed her to know how many people were rooting for her — people of all different religious & spiritual backgrounds, and some with none at all. But it’s ALL good! 😀 She is now a 12+ year breast cancer survivor. I wish long-term survivorship for you as well!!

    I don’t have a WordPress account. I used to blog on LiveJournal but I’m only sporadically active there. I’m very active on Facebook, though (bordering on “addict”!) so if you want to connect there, that’s cool. If not, that’s cool too. I’m just one of those crazy extroverts who loves getting to know new people, even if it’s just online. Again, please know that I am sincerely thinking good thoughts for you to beat lung cancer!

    In closing this meandering missive (I love to write; can you tell?) I’d like to share one of my favorite quotes. It might sound idealistic or cheesy, but I believe in it 100%. It’s from Euripides. The quote goes: “There is in the worst of fortune the best of chances for a happy ending.”

    Stay alive,
    Shari Kaplan Witaschek

    • Jessica Rice

      It will take me a few readings to respond to everything here. In the meantime, would you please share my FB page and help me build that audience??

      All my best,

  • Sabina

    I’ve never seen a goose with such gorgeous fluffy feathers despite several visits to the local agricultural show where I go see as many animals as possible. After a quick search of the net, I found a breed that may explain Boris’ magnificence – is he a “Lavender Sebastopol” goose by any chance? I also didn’t know that adult geese could be picked up and cuddled. I’ve only had contact with cats, the odd roomate’s dog and a few chickens owned by a neighbour. Oh, and my beloved bunnies of course. Farm animals are beyond my personal experience. You and Boris obviously had a special connection. I’m very sorry he passed away.

    • Jessica Rice

      Hi Sabina,

      Boris was a Sebastopol, though I’m unsure which variety. She (yes, she) was the only one we had with the buff coloring on her neck like that. All our other Sebastopols are pure white. They are beautiful birds, aren’t they? The other breed we have are African geese. Very different in look and personality, but also very cool!

      Most geese wouldn’t want to be picked up, but if you work with them from the time they are hatched, you can tame/train them quite a bit. Geese are incredible animals, although most people are fearful of them for some reason.


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