Enemies Unknown

For a year and a half I have prepared myself to be killed, hopefully over a very long period of time, by lung cancer. Yes, I have a tiny spot on my spine, but we have ignored each other happily for more than a year.

The addition of another major organ – and the one most impactful on me – opens the floodgates to wonder where or when cancer will show again.

Before now, I hadn’t considered that each newly affected system will have its own methods, tools, and chemicals required to treat the tumorous tissue.

Suddenly the plan between me and the rest of my life just got a lot murkier. More tumors? More treatments? Maybe even surgeries? Quite suddenly I look back fondly on all those ALK+ inhibitor side effects!

Right now I want to complete the brain tasks quickly: the doctors plan to stabilize it (if they can’t vaporize it entirely). Then who knows, maybe I’ll go another 18 months “lung cancer only” before a met pops up elsewhere.

There’s one last thing: I have a PET scan on Thursday; it’s my first in 9 months and will be used to establish a new baseline.

Funny, when my doctor said “to establish a new baseline” I heard “to see where else it’s growing.”


10 responses to “Enemies Unknown

  • Linda Forem

    I feel what you are saying. I do. I have up until now held back this advice. But with what you are saying I can no longer hold back.
    I have a radical idea.
    I have, since November, changed my diet to one based on the information in “The China Study”. A documentary was also produced based on this book called “Forks Over Knives.” Colin Campbell the author is a biochemist PHD who spent over 20 years studying diet and disease. Most recently at Cornell. The China Study was a study he led in conjunction with a Chinese researcher to discover the root cause of liver cancer in China. The findings were mind blowing. He also continued the research at Cornell.
    Bottom line: animal protein causes cancer cells to grow. He advocates a whole foods plant based diet. Literally when the cancer injected mice were injected with cancer cells and fed animal protein their cancer cells grew. When it was stopped the cancer growth stopped. This was definitive.
    At this point, I say, what can YOU control?
    Definitely your diet. Please read the book. The China Study. It will intrigue you at the very least. And if you do adopt a meat/dairy/fish free diet, it may impact your cancer cells in a positive way by halting their growth.
    At the very least Google “The China Study.” And if possible read the book.
    Another side effect is heart health which is the reason I adopted the diet. My total cholesterol has dropped significantly to 153 from 181.
    Bill Clinton has adopted the diet and after bypass surgery and then a stent 2 years later, he had now significantly improved his health. Weight loss and health.
    The only reason this diet is not recommended by the FDA is that the US economy is based on our cattle, dairy, chicken, pork, producing industries. Worldwide in countries that eat a plant based diet, cancer is not a factor. The Western diet changes things for the worst.
    Just a thought. What if it could arrest your cancer growth? It is a radical change, I know. I am doing it. No eggs. No dairy. No meat or fish. Today I truly feel better. I eat whole grains. Vegetables unlimited. Potatoes. Corn. Beans. Fruit. Brown rice. There is a book “forks over knives” filled with recipes. I send this to you with love.

  • Andrea

    You don’t know me, but I recently started following your blog. I just want to tell you how sorry I am that you’re going through this. My Mom had metastatic breast cancer and finding out it had spread to her brain made it seem much worse to me. There’s just something so scary about that area. It’s what makes us, us! I’m glad there are treatment options out there and hopefully this chapter will be behind you soon! Best of luck!!!

  • Marilyn

    Jessica. Although I barely got to know you several years back, I just wanted to let you know how sad I was to learn of your illness. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hunnybunny, Carmie & mommy

    Sending tons of healing vibes and wishing you all the best! We’ve followed your blog for awhile, and even though we’re not the best at commenting, we’ve been pulling for you and are in your corner all the way! We’re amazed by your attitude through it all, and feel that it will ultimately pay off for you! Keep it up, as hard as it may be! Hugs.

  • kimmywink

    It is strange what we “hear”. Wishing you a boring PET!

  • Patrick

    Jessica, if I can survive the chemo fog to get to the WordPress captcha’s … I’m trying to wish you the best. Change I am learning is more like freak out.

    • Jessica

      Lol, I couldn’t manage to comment on your site with my WordPress account, so I broke down and used google instead. What have they done to us?!

  • Julie (from bunspace, with dutchies Molly & Liam)

    Hope it went very well and sending strength — not that you need ours. You are amazing! Love to sweet Blossom too 🙂

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