My first CyberKnife treatment is at 4PM today.  I know I should be relieved to start knocking down my brain tumors.  Instead, I just can’t help but feel that I’m crossing a threshold whose significance I have barely comprehended.


14 responses to “CyberKnife

  • Ed


    You are in our thoughts and prayers as you start this next phase of treatment. Keep that strong, positive focus you have always had – we look forward to many more blog entries and reading more from you!


  • Ann Cowan

    Special prayers for you today!

  • Katie Brown

    I will be thinking about you today and sending most positive thoughts your way. Maybe these best wishes will help from your friends from the HOPE Summit. I posted your June 17th blog entry on our private FaceBook HOPE Summit Alumni page and these were the replies you received.

    Stephanie Gobin- Jessica , we will keep you in our Hearts and our prayers. Wishing you all the best with your new treatment plans.
    June 17 at 7:54pm · Like

    Anne Gallagher- I will be praying for you Jessica
    June 17 at 7:56pm via mobile · Like

    Barb Myer Miller- Prayers said, Jessica.
    June 17 at 7:59pm via mobile · Like

    Su Ross Benson- Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way.
    June 17 at 8:03pm via mobile · Like

    Alisa Kaye Brenes- Sending prayers and healing ((( Jessica )))
    June 17 at 8:43pm · Like

    Tracy Miller Anderson- sending prayers, strength, and healing light to you and your family, Jessica! Keep your head up and keep fighting… You have many people from all over in your corner!
    June 17 at 9:00pm · Like

    Jose R. Rodriguez- Hoping for the best Jessica!
    June 18 at 4:59am · Like

    Laura McCracken- (((Hugs))) Thinking about you jessica!
    June 18 at 10:24am via mobile · Like

    Robbie Joiner-Walton- Sorry you are going through this you are in my prayers
    June 18 at 10:38am via mobile · Like

    Mary Tracy-Dolobowsky- Adding my hugs & prayers!
    June 18 at 1:07pm · Like

    George Alan Rader- Prayers from me too Jessica, wishing you well.
    June 18 at 2:30pm via mobile · Like

    Audrey Ehlin- Collective good thoughts and prayer, a powerful force.
    June 19 at 6:25pm via · Like

    Eric Byrne-Best wishes with your treatments Jessica.
    Friday at 1:56pm · Like

  • Craig

    I hope you’ll soon be telling us how uneventful it was, Jessica.

    Best hopes,


  • Jill Ann

    Ditto what Craig said!! Best wishes, positive thoughts and healing energy are being sent your way.

    Jill Ann

  • Susan

    Hi Jessica,
    I’m praying that you will bounce back quickly after your treatments. I will say prayers for you.
    Big Hugs and Bunny Kisses
    Susan, Daisy Mae, Winston & Vega

  • stage5cancerblog

    I finished targeted radiation of my brain 2 months ago for 5 lesions. I am sitting at a hotel this evening near MD Anderson waiting on results from scans today to see how it worked. It is traumatic, but i am getting through it. The steroids are terrible, nausea and fatigue, but it is much easier than WBR. You will be ok, hang in there…

    • Jessica

      You are me in 9 weeks then. I appreciate the solidarity! Did you have chemo for the brain mets or radiation only? I hope your results were good, my friend.

  • Sjoukje

    Thinking of you Jessica! Much love and strength to you xxx

  • Robin

    hi Jessica you are so strong you can do it you are such a fighter we are sending you lots and lots of love and prayers you are in our hearts
    hugs kisses and bunny fluffy loves Be Strong

    • Jessica

      Thank you, Robin. I’m starting to realize that when the toughest fights are needed, I have the least amount of say in the matter. It takes some of the bravery out of the fight; right now I feel like I’m barely cowering.

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