Too Deep

It’s true, the other shoe has dropped.

I have a PET scan on Thursday; Dr. Roush will use it to establish a new baseline. But nothing it could reveal would be more difficult to deal with than brain tumors.

Those words just echo in my (apparently overcrowded) mind. Brain. Tumors.

I guess I’m not too shocked. If abnormal organs are prone to defects then my brain would be the lightning rod of my body. My entire life it has been my blessing and my curse. It’s riddled with more IQ points than even I believe and an intuition that can border on creepy.

In other contexts you’d think I’m bragging. But truthfully, it sorta makes sense. Humans aren’t designed to handle extra-special parts, and perhaps cancer is simply an equalizer in cases like mine.

The mere fact that I can lie here and justify what has suddenly become the greatest tragedy of my life is nothing more than a cruel joke, played over and over for a captive audience of one.

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