The Unlucky Seven

Last night I had a seizure. It may have been the single most terrifying thing that’s ever happened to me. This is only a brief update while I continue processing my emotions.

Shortly after 10:30pm,
I was rushed to the hospital and stabilized. The CT scan showed lesions in the brain. There was, however, no bleeding on the brain.

Today I had an MRI. It showed 7 metastases (tumors) and related swelling in my brain. Each tumor is less than 1 cm in diameter, although the swelling is much more pronounced.
One spot is more troublesome than the others. It is located near my speech center. This explains what triggered my seizure last night as well as some minor difficulties I’ve experienced over the past 10 days.

My next treatment will be 2-3 weeks of whole brain radiation, followed by a PET scan and different chemo drug, Camptosar. Camptosar will help with my lung cancer while it also eradicates any remaining brain cancer cells.

I hope to go home tomorrow evening. You can expect to read a lot more over the coming days. Please keep my family in your thoughts.

20 responses to “The Unlucky Seven

  • Sjoukje

    Oh gosh Jessica!! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and hope you go home soon sweetie!!! Im lost for words here…..Have everything crossed that the meds and radiation will do their job!!!

    big big hugs and much love
    xx Sjoukje, Benito, Charlie & Didi ♥

  • gwendolyn

    you and your are UTMOST in my thoughts and prayers.

    and happy you were able to make it to the hospital and get checked asap!

    love, gwendolyn

  • gwendolyn

    you and your family i meant to type!

  • Susan

    Many prayers for you and your family.

  • Fawn

    Praying for you. Praying for fast recovery & speedy treatment. Hang in there Jessica!
    Lots of love & postive thoughts.

  • linnea11

    Oh Jessica, that must have been terrifying. Strong thoughts and a hug sent your way…



    Jessica, You are constantly in my thoughts & prayers. You are a courageous fighter and I wish you the strength you need to continue the fight. Regards, Juli, Morgan & Valentine

  • Katie Brown

    I’m so sorry to read about what you are going thru. You are in my thoughts and prayers. The HOPE Summit Alumni will be sending their best hopes and thoughts to you too.

  • Craig

    Such a shock that must be. BAC isn’t supposed to spread outside the lungs, though it sometimes changes to more like a regular adenocarcinoma. (It makes me wonder if maybe I should ask my onc to give me an MRI every half-year instead of just every year.)

    I wish targeted radiation had been an option, but I can understand the need for WBR if there are several mets like you’ve described, and likely others not yet detectable. Please ask if a “hippocampus sparing” is a WBR option. (Sometimes mets are already too close to that so it’s not an option, and most radiologists will probably think it still experimental.)

    We all care about you, Jessica, and hope this will brought under control without too much difficulty.

    Best hopes,

    Craig in PA

    • Jessica

      Hi Craig, I’m sure you’ll soon read my latest, that they are willing to give targeted radiation a try. Basically, I have nothing to lose.


    • Jessica

      You know, Craig, had it not been for this comment, I would not have discussed “hippocampus sparing” with my doctor; it ultimately led us to “we have nothing to lose by trying SRS.” Maybe we would have got there otherwise, or maybe not. Thanks for your help.

    • Craig

      I’m glad to hear options were discussed. Even when the option exists it can be a difficult choice if there are several brain mets or if more seem likely to arise soon.

      If I were in your shoes, I’d probably have opted to try targeted radiation and get MRI scans frequently to catch any new ones very early and zap them, too, unless it started to seem futile and a one-time clean sweep was needed. If WBR is needed, the “WBR with hippocampus sparing” is an newer option with less side-effect risk that sometimes can be considered if the mets aren’t close to that location (although maybe still considered experimental by some. In any case, it’s a difficult choice that requires the judgement of one or more radiation oncologist who have experience with the techniques.

      FYI, here is an research article saying 5 or more mets can be treated with targeted radiation:

      And I recall hearing 2nd hand about a case where someone had more than 30 treated with targeted radiation:

      Best hopes,


  • readytotell

    “I lovingly forgive and release all of the past.
    I choose to fill my world with joy.
    I love and approve of myself.”

    This is the affirmation for healing of cancer that is shared by Louise Hay, who is a woman I admire. She healed herself of cancer, and has written several books on her affirmations sharing them with the world. Miracles do happen.

    In my life, when I am stressed or worried, I use Louise’s affirmation for anxiety which is:
    “I feel safe and secure. I trust the process of life.”
    This is something that has helped me through times of worry. Amazing that when I do actually repeat this phrase over and over when I’m sitting or driving or lying in bed, I actually become present to the moment of peace that life is.

    Jessica, you have captured my heart over the past year and a half, and I am pulling for you and praying with all that I have that your treatments will give you healing and peace in your life. Lord knows you deserve it. You are a giver. You have opened your heart and your life to the world and I admire you.
    Choose to fill your world with joy. Love and approve of yourself just as you are right now. Be well. There is no question that you are loved by many.

    We are here with you.

    My warmest thoughts,

  • Arlinda

    LOVEY and I are sending you lots of hugs, good wishes and prayers Jessica!!! I have been so worried about you and were wondering how you were doing.
    LOVEY and Arlinda

  • Leigh Ann

    My thought and prayers are with you ❤

  • Lorraine

    Thoughts and prayers for you and all your family.
    Reading your posts has been very helpful in ways words can not adequately express….I have a family member half way through 6 rounds of chemo and another So newly diagnosed that their path is unknown, both young like yourself…..hugs and more hugs

  • Raphael

    je suis français et je suis également atteint d’un alk+ , je suis sincèrement désolé de ce qui vous arrive et je vous demande de garder l’Espoir .
    Dans l’attente de vous relire

  • rinneron

    So sorry this has happened to you Jessica — you and your family are in my thoughts. I hope you get to go home soon, and that the new treatment plan is effective but gentle.

  • Angela

    That must have been terrifying Jessica. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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