The Music in My Mind

Would someone please add this to the “bucket list” I’m not making? (I really dislike that term, by the way.)

I want to conduct an orchestra. Not during a concert or anything serious, of course; a practice would be fine.

My background in music is long and varied. One of the things I was never able to do, however, was conduct a proper orchestra.

I was on this path before I changed gears in college. The series of events leading up to that is interesting, but you’ll have to wait for a “tell all” book. It is far too complicated for a blog post!


2 responses to “The Music in My Mind

  • Heather

    any movement on the conductor role? Your collective blog fans should really try to make this happen!!

    • Jessica

      No, but I really wasn’t expecting that. As much as I’d love for all my wants and needs to be fulfilled just by asking, I would never expect anything like that.

      I do have one friend with some connections. I’m sure if the moment ever presented itself, she would remember me. 😊

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