Hope Summit: Part 1

Seth and I are finally home after an active weekend at the Lungevity Hope Summit.

We left home late Friday morning and arrived in Washington, DC about 3 hours later. At the hotel, the front desk agent informed us that our room wasn’t ready for check-in. We grabbed a Georgetown tourist map from the concierge, and headed across the Key Bridge.

We parked our shiny black truck, unpacked my transport chair, and set off for some window shopping and lunch. After scoping out a few spots, we settled on a seafood joint, The Tackle Box. It was okay, but they didn’t make a repeat customer out of Seth or me.

Seth plaid jacket

The weather was beautiful, the sidewalks bumpy. We ogled plumbing fixtures at Waterworks, Seth tried on a funky plaid jacket at Levi’s, and we bought him a dress shirt at H&M.

After just a couple of hours we were ready for a break. We headed back to the hotel and checked in. I opened my suitcase and pulled out my nightshirt; for the next two hours we lounged in bed and watched TV.

We met Kim and her husband in the bar just before 7pm. We’ve read each other’s blogs and corresponded via email for months. Now we were finally able to meet. After a quick drink, we headed to the conference space where the welcome reception was being held.

Conference registration and goodie bag distribution was well-coordinated. Seth and I donned our name tags, took some pictures on the “red carpet,” and found seats with Kim and her husband at one of many tables.

The bar was open, and the hors d’oeuvres were tasty. I spent most of the time getting to know whomever sat at my table. With 80+ people attending this optional reception, the place was abuzz.

90 minutes later, around 9pm, I was fading fast, and it was time to bid everyone a good night. We retired to the hotel room just a few floors down.

I was back in my nightshirt in 30 seconds flat. Then I checked on Blossom via the D-Link webcam in our living room. (Gracie wasn’t in the frame.)

Seth and I relaxed, watched some TV, and played an iPhone game until we fell asleep a few hours later. A quiet ending to a busy day.

3 responses to “Hope Summit: Part 1

  • Fawn

    Awh..love your updates, so full of details, painted like a piece of art and moved along just like a movie. Feels like I was there attending the excitement and energy of the opening day of the summit. Anticipating more to come and stories to be told of other participants, can’t wait to read more. Thanks for sharing. Helps others who for some circumstance or reason, can’t attend. Thank you for being the voice and sharing your journey.

  • Melanie Poser

    glad you and Kimmy were able to make the trip.

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