Cancer v. Toilet

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When you’re in treatment for a serious illness you grow accustomed to sharing very personal things with total strangers. And while I once hesitated when someone asked about my bowel movements, I now volunteer the information.

That same desensitizing is what allows me to write this blog. I’m generally a private person. For example, I was never interested in having a Facebook account. When coworkers relentlessly insisted that I join, I created an account for Blossom and let them “friend” her.

Yet, here I am. I’ve decided to share some of the most intimate details of my life with anyone who cares to listen (or read). It was a difficult choice – to make this blog public – but I felt it had to be done. By writing, I’ve decided to sacrifice some privacy with the hope that it will help someone else. Please keep that in mind as I share with you another cancer adventure!

One Friday evening, I found myself writing to a complete stranger. I’ve had a problem for a few months now, and it was time to take drastic measures. First I introduced myself, including my lovely diagnosis. These are excerpts from the actual email:

While [LDK378] helps my cancer, it is making me very sick. It’s also creating some embarrassing bathroom issues.

You see, my toilet can’t handle my… movements.

[Seth] has to plunge and ‘power flush’ the toilet with hot water every single time I ‘go’. We’re a close couple, but it’s still so embarrassing for me and laborious for him.

We’ve had plumbers come out several times, and they never find any sort of clog. The plumbing was installed 10 years ago, so it’s not a pipe problem. And we have plenty of water pressure coming from the city. This is truly a toilet problem.

I concluded my letter by asking for help. I hoped that one of the companies with which she worked would be willing to sell me a really good toilet at cost. It was hard to ask for help, especially in such a situation, but we were desperate.

I received a response the next day: Saturday! And not only did my email get read, the woman wanted to help me! She vowed to speak with people “in the industry” to see what could be done.

Less than two weeks later, two gigantic boxes were delivered to my front porch. The outside of the boxes read “American Standard.”

‘No way!’ I thought. I tore open the packing slip like a kid opening a Christmas present. It was an American Standard Champion Pro toilet.

I grabbed my phone and iPad. A picture of the boxes and the text “TOILET!!” went to Seth as I quickly looked up the specs on my new toilet. On the American Standard website I read, “Using just 1.28 gallons, this trade-exclusive High Efficiency Toilet produces a faster, more powerful flush that can move a 70% larger mass than the industry norm.” SCORE!

Seth and I installed it on Saturday. We had never replaced a toilet, but the integrated tools made it fast and easy. In less than an hour I was staring at the most beautiful toilet I’ve ever seen.

Champion ProYes, beautiful. I didn’t know such a thing existed. The tank is curved, not rectangular like most. And there is trim where the bowl meets the floor.

The flush is quick, über-powerful, and quieter than my old toilet. The best part, though, is that it handles whatever I throw at it. No more plunging for Seth. No more embarrassment for me.

I hope whoever made this possible reads this post and knows how appreciative we are. Whether you have an issue or just need to replace your old toilet, I highly recommend the Champion series by American Standard. You won’t be disappointed!


7 responses to “Cancer v. Toilet

  • gwendolyn

    that is the most thoughtful gift ever. GOD BLESS THAT PERSON.

  • kimmywink

    Happy to shelve that conversation I bet!
    Thank you fantastic people at American Standard!

  • Craig

    I’ve been wondering about that same issue for a year. I’m glad to know there’s a solution when I get tired of using the bellows power-plunger periodically.

  • Patrick

    Knowledge is power! Thank you.


    Jessica, You are such a brave young woman, and Seth is truly your knight in shining armor.I can’t even get my husband to change toilet paper, let alone so many of the things Seth does for you. I am not saying that you are “living the dream” but I am so pleased that you have someone who loves you so much…and then, you also have Blossom & Gracie.

    I am so happy you had a secret benefactor who sent you the toilet. The decision maker was most likely a very empathetic person who asked themselves, “would I rather be the person asking for the toilet due to your same circumstances, or am I blessed enough to be able to provide one” for a special young lady. I am certain that the good karma you send out by sharingyour blog, was at least part of the reason this worked out. Someone who previously worked for us told me earlier this weekthat her mother has stage iv. I forwarded the info about Dr. Alice Shaw to her so she canmake contact. Just wanted to let you know that your blog DOES help others, as youintended it to. Warmest Regards, Juli, Morgan & Valentine. Oh, Morgan & Valentine send their best to Blossom & Gracie.

    • Jessica

      Hi Juli,

      Blossom and Gracie send nosebonks to Morgan and Valentine!

      Thanks for noticing how great Seth is. 😊

      I’m glad you forwarded the info to your friend. If Dr. Shaw isn’t the right person for her type of cancer, I’m sure she will put you in touch with the right person.

      I hope you had a good weekend,

  • Sjoukje

    Wooo!! Fantastic!! And how wonderful of them to send you this Pawsome toilet!!! 🙂

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