Just Write

When I began writing this blog, I posted two, sometimes three times a week. Once I realized people were reading, I decided to hold myself to a schedule and write one post every 3-4 days.

At some point last year, that changed to one post every 5 days. And lately it seems more like one post every week. Am I getting lazy? Or do I simply have less to say?

Sometimes I’ll go through a spell where there just isn’t much to write about. Or I’m not in the mood to share. But the challenge this week is that I have a few irons in the fire, but nothing feels quite ready to publish. I’ve drafted two posts, and there is a third that has been sitting in my “Notes” app for weeks.

There’s a flow in blogging, much as in life; a time and a place for each topic. All I can figure is that if I’m not motivated to put the finishing touches on a piece, it must not be the right time to publish it.

I wonder if any of my blogging peers feel the same way. Do you dance with your posts as I do? Or do you stay true to chronology and post things as they come to mind? Each style has its merits.

I like to think of my blog as a collection of short stories about my adventures with life; rather than a strict, chronological journal or diary.

I really appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received with regards to my writing. On the days I’m feeling really down, I’ll re-read some of your comments. It helps me remember that, while I can no longer contribute to society in the way I want, I can still have an impact on someone.

Thanks for this opportunity. A blog is nothing without someone to read it.


15 responses to “Just Write

  • Fawn

    Hi Jessica,
    I love reading your blog, honest and intellectual matter, emotion and honesty of your words. You are an inspiration. I have the same NSC Lung cancer and your feel the same way. Thank you writing your experience.


  • Sjoukje

    hi Jessica! You should just write when you want. Could be every day, could be once a month…… Know that I always read your blog and eventhough sometimes reading it makes me sad, you are also a big inspiration and a big help to kick my depression in the butt!! (or is it me who gets the kick in the butt? 😉 )

    I have a blog too, havent written for ages…..maybe I should give it a try again. Will have a think about it.

    For now sending you much love and the fluffies send lots of nosebonks!

    • Jessica

      Oh I hope you do give it a go again. And good luck fighting your depression. It’s something I battled long before cancer. Let me know if you ever need to talk to someone who understands.

    • Sjoukje

      Thank you Jessica 🙂 I must say that having the 3 bunnies here is very helpful too. Especially Charlie has a nose for when I need some extra nosebonks 😉

  • Susan

    I enjoy reading your blogs Jessica, You truly are a very strong young lady. Sometimes I have tears reading what you write and sometimes a Big Smile. You truly give me strength.
    Hugs & Nose Bonks from the Bunnies

  • HP

    We’re reading when you’re ready to write!

  • carol

    It’s imperative that you keep sharing as it offers ideas, comments, hopes, and sometimes solutions to others. However I agree you have to feel right before you publish and that it is exactly the way you want you message conveyed. What hits me the most is your positive attitude and refusal to be labeled. I was reading to heaven and back and what I realized is not so much what we fo but the trickle down affect that changes other peoples lives. Maybe someone stopped to read your post and was running late thus missed being hit by a car. It is something you well never know until your time when you will see how many lives you changed by your actions. That same person may later have a child who becomes the president. all this may occur because you made a ps2 that altered anothers actions. Keep writing with sincerity and humor and be heard. We all love you and are praying for you. Kiss blossom and gracie for me.

  • Angela


    You have a wonderful, fluid voice. Write when you wish we’ll be here!

  • Jack

    I would argue that writing itself is cathartic. That said, your blog does have an impact on us and as much or as little as you write, know that someone is always here to read it.

  • Donna Brown

    My daughter’s name is also Jessica. She is taking Xalkori but after 8 weeks her response has not been as good as expected. I love reading about your relationship with your mother. I too live some distance away. You have been thru so much. As a mom I’m sending you are big hug and squeezing your hand.

    • Jessica

      Thanks for writing, Donna. Hopefully if your daughter isn’t successful on Xalkori, she will be able to try LDK378 next. (Not sure if you live near a test site, but there are a few around the country.) Thanks for the hug. I can use as many as I can get!

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