Boston Bound

I am scheduled to see Dr. Shaw at MGH before the month is up. I’d tell you the exact date, but that wouldn’t be too bright, would it? Someone could break in and steal stuff – or worse – endanger the buns. I’m sure I’ll post an update when we return.

Yes, “we.” My partner-in-crime will accompany me. In fact, we’ve decided to head north a few days early and make it a mini-vacation of sorts.

So… Please send me your suggestions for the best things to do in Boston. Anything which involves a lot of walking or stair climbing is out, but I’m sure the city has plenty to offer otherwise.

Just click ‘Reply’ or ‘Comments’ to post a comment with your Boston suggestions. Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom!

P.S.: Since this is a short post about travel, I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank my neighbors, Steph and Thom, who take care of the girls most times we go away. They are very animal savvy, and knowing the girls are in good hands gives me so much peace of mind!


16 responses to “Boston Bound

  • Craig

    I hope your trip goes well, Jessica. I’m usually just up and back quickly when I go, but I remember some things. I’m sure you’ll visit Faneuil Hall market and other local attractions like sightseeing from the top of the John Hancock tower (Hancock Observatory), local history & museums, and local foods. In Plymouth, MA there is an example of early colonial life at Plymoth Plantation (near Plymouth Rock where the supposedly pilgrims landed). And there’s the House of Seven Gables in Salem, MA. On the way up or back you might enjoy the classic old mansions of Newport, RI (including the one the Great Gatsby was partly filmed in).

    Best hopes,


  • Sjoukje

    This is great news!!!! All fingers and paws are crossed that something good comes out of this trip!!

    And great to hear Blossom and Gracie are in good hands as well!!

    much love!

  • Amy

    The aquarium is really nice. There are several penguin areas that are fun to watch and there is an IMAX Theater.


    Good morning, Jessica, First, I am so happy you connected with Dr. Shaw. NEVER underestimate the strength of a determined woman!…YOU! I have one idea for your bucket list. Do you & Seth like New England clam chowder? There is a restaurant chain called “Legal Seafood” with several locations throught Boston. Their chowder is so awesome that it has been served at many of the Presidential Inaugirations! I am definitely a foodie, and have a good recipe for this soup, but nothing compares with this. I hope your tummy will be in the mood for it & that you will enjoy it. You are an inspiration, and I will continue praying for you. Juli…and Morgan & Valentine

  • Ann Cowan

    Jessica, So happy that you will be seeing Dr. Shaw. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you make your journey. I am from the deep south and have only visited Boston once. It was a beautiful historical city and an interesting place to visit. I would like to travel there again one day to see all I missed. I remember the clam chowder was fantastic in Boston, nothing like the clam chowder we have in the south. Hope the massive snow storm will not stand in your way. Best wishes to you!

  • Jaime Taylor

    This is great! If they still do them in the winter (which I think they do) I would do a Duck Tour! I live just outside of Boston and went to college in Boston and all I can think about is the Duck Tours! You will be able to see a lot of Boston and not have to walk and get a lot of history! They are trucks that turn into boats and go out into the Charles River. If memory serves me correct, they are heated during the colder months! We hope you enjoy your time in Boston! I definitely agree with the museums and Aquarium, and definitely Fanuiel Hall! Try some new food places and we’re sure you will love it!

  • Ang Spez

    So happy you’ll be seeing Dr. Shaw. Treat yourself and your partner- in crime to Boston’s Best Brownies at Fanuiel Hall!! Amazing. Also, Beacon Hill is a wonderful neighborhood if you’re up for a walk. And of course, a cup of Chowda-anywhere but Legal Seafood. Enjoy the mini vacation, you’re an inspiration on many levels.

  • Patrick

    Thanks for sharing Jessica. Wishing you both the best of times in Boston mixing the business of lung cancer with pleasure. If you are taking votes, Duck Boats are a fun easy overview of it all.

  • Portable Oxygen

    I used to live in the Boston area a few years ago, and I know you will find a ton of stuff to do, but if you are looking for suggestions, Faneuil Hall would be a great place to go especially for good food. It does require some walking so it might be out of the question, but everyone I know there says you have to go! Another good thing to do is maybe see a Bruins or Celtics game if you are a sports fan, the Garden is amazing and the atmosphere for any Boston team is incredible.There are a ton of other things you can do there so I’m sure you won’t have a problem finding something to cater to your needs and your interests! Best of luck with your doctors appointments and I hope you have a great all aroung Boston experience!

  • Sandy

    Agree on the ducks but I’m not sure that they are running this time of year. The aquarium is great, as is the science museum/planetarium, and either can probably arrange or point to mobility help.

    Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market area is definitely worth a visit, though mobility can be a challenge given the older architecture and the crowds. Dinner at Durgin Park is a true Boston experience, however. If you have a wheelchair and the weather cooperates, a wander about the North End can be lots of fun. If you want pastry skip Mike’s and go to Maria’s.

    • Jessica

      Hi Sandy! I have a portable wheelchair that will go everywhere with us. I think the ducks are opening just as we get there!

      We will use your recommendations. Thanks!

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