Brief Relief

I have enjoyed a nice, LDK-free weekend.

After discussing my side effects on Thursday, the doctor supervising the trial agreed to lower my dose from 750 to 600mg daily. This will hopefully reduce the side effects yet still be effective in controlling my cancer. I was also instructed to take a break for a few days so my system can calm down completely. I restart LDK 378 tomorrow morning.

In addition to the broken rib I mentioned in my previous post, the CT scan showed that the tip of my port catheter has migrated into my heart. It is meant to terminate at the top of the heart. For some reason, mine has moved in the past 6 weeks.

There seems to be no rush to fix it, and I’m not very concerned. In fact, my nurse and doctor are going to consult with interventional radiology to see if it needs to be fixed at all. The solution would probably be to pull the catheter out a little bit. I assume they would access on my neck, where it enters my jugular. I should know more this week.

I’ve had a nice time since Thursday – free of worrying about and dealing with sudden onsets of pain, nausea, and vomiting. But tomorrow I’ll get back on the LDK wagon; hopefully the ride won’t be so bumpy.

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