Sharp Dressed Bun

I adopted Blossom in April 2006 when she was only three months old.  Since then, I’ve been tempted (on many occasions) to dress her in little clothes.  But they don’t make bunny clothes, and I wasn’t sure what dog size she would need.  (A medium, maybe?)  Truthfully, I couldn’t bring myself to purchase something that would irritate her only for my amusement.

Then Thursday came.  When I retrieved the mail, I was excited to find a Teflon mailing envelope.  Inside was something squishy and light.  Assuming it was fabric, I carefully cut open the package and pulled out… two bunny dresses!!

I really don’t know Susan from Ajax, Ontario.  We met each other through the Bunspace website.  And yet, she (and her bunnies) sent me a present and cards in anticipation of my birthday later this month.  I was so touched.  She had thought of me and my little girl.

With the cute dresses literally appearing on our doorstep, there was no escape for Blossom.  I waited until Saturday when I had Seth’s assistance for bunny wrangling and photography.  One dress is pink with “Princess” silk-screened in white.  The other is a green and pink jumper with a heart.

The dressing and removal was traumatic.  But once she had it on, she was able to hop around without a problem!  I didn’t leave it on for more than a few minutes, so as not to cause too much trauma.

The next round of bunny tormenting will be this weekend when we take Blossom and Gracie to see the Fat Man.  I thought about taking her in a dress but decided against it.  A trip into the world is exciting and challenging enough!


11 responses to “Sharp Dressed Bun

  • Sjoukje

    awwwwwwwww look at her!!! Adorable!!! How sweet of Susan!!! Did you get more cards yet? Just wondering 😉 Thanks for sharing the cute cute pics of your sweet Blossom girl!

  • kimmywink

    Blossom looks incredibly cute!

  • Elana

    Oh boy – Blossom in a dress! How adorable!! xoxo Elana

  • Susan S

    Jessica, I’m so glad you recieved the cards and Blossom”s dresses. She looks Beautiful. XOXO

  • Caitlin and Margarita

    Blossom is so gorgeous in her dress! I too, have wished to dress up Margarita and haven’t, usually because my mother, who I don’t live with, says “No, no clothes!” hehe. But Margarita was a lucky recipient of a dress from Daisy Mae this past summer when Susan so kindly sent us a few spare NIC panels so Margie could have a roof on her condo to prevent her falling/jumping out again. Such a sweet surprise, and bunny people are so kind and generous! I always remember the small ways they have helped us out, encouraged us or sent a special gift, and I hope to be able to pay it forward some day. Blossom darling, you look incredible that green really brings out your fur! I hope you have a good time visiting the fat man with Gracie too, even if you don’t have to wear a dress to it! Lots of love to you Jessica, and Blossom and Gracie!

    • Jessica

      Hi Caitlin! Thanks so much for your kind words. I know I don’t always do a good job keeping up on Bunspace, but I find it just makes me so sad sometimes. Thanks for finding me here. It’s true that bunny people watch out for each other, and I’m privileged to have met so many kind people.

  • Julie

    Big smiles over here! As always, thank you for sharing your stories (& your beautiful Blossom) with all of us ❤

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