Nothing New

Lately I’ve been operating on the advice “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  And I’ve had nothing nice to say.

Last week’s chemo really sucked.  I was in bed Monday night through Thursday.  My fever didn’t exceed 100°F, but my body didn’t seem to care what the thermometer said.

Friday morning I started feeling much better.  I was able to leave the house, run a few errands, and feel the thrill of productivity.  While out and about, I hit the hair salon and had another 2″ cut off my dwindling ponytail.  My hair continues to come out in handfuls, and I suppose I’ll soon need to just cut my losses (pun intended).

Saturday we had dinner with my friend and her husband.  They married earlier this year and recently became pregnant.  I typically don’t get excited one way or another when my friends procreate, but this is different.  She’s very dear to me, and for years I’ve known what she wanted from life.  Now that those things are falling into place, I’m just so happy for her.  It’s been a long road, and it comforts me to see a plan work as it should.

Finally, I’m pleased to tell you I pulled the trigger on buying these obscenely bright sneakers.  After several weeks I realized my desire was not fleeting and justified their purchase.  I’m wearing them to chemo tomorrow.  They’ll see me coming from a mile away!


2 responses to “Nothing New

  • Sjoukje

    Hi Jessica!

    Im glad you bought the sneakers!! I hope they are great to walk in too! You go girl!!

    big hugs!
    Sjoukje, Benito, Charlie & Didi (yes we rescued a new bungirl from a garden)

  • Ang Spez

    Hope you’re feeling better this week. I admire your courage and humor throughout this battle. I’m so happy you bought the bright sneakers! Be well,

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