Jax for President

There’s no escaping it…  It’s a presidential election year.  And everywhere I turn, someone is anxious to talk to me about their views or tell me that “only a moron would vote for Obama <or> Romney.”

Most of the time people ask “who are you voting for?”  But it’s not because they care; they just want to either commiserate or argue with me.  And they are quite disappointed when I won’t play along.  I dare not label myself an “undecided voter,” so I usually just tell people I’m not interested in hearing about any of it.  They gasp, mumble something under their breath, and move on to find someone else to talk at.

My disinterest is new.  I usually head into elections well versed on the issues and with a plan to vote for the least offensive party/candidates.

But my care for the future of this country seems to have been a casualty of cancer.  In some ways, I feel like I don’t live in that world any longer.  I have new issues to worry about and something had to go.  Politics was an easy one to boot.

It’s oddly satisfying, too.  I have to tend to so many important and serious things in my life.  But about this year’s election, I DON’T CARE.

One friend said, “well I hope you decide to care before November.”  Not me.  I’ve decided to give myself a pass on this one.  So if you press me for an answer, I’ll tell you I’m voting Blossom’s friend Jax for president.  If an adorable fuzzy bunny can’t unite congress, there is no hope for any of us.


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