Feeling Sneaky

While running errands this weekend, I saw a young woman wearing these sneakers.  And they delighted me.  They are so bright, so happy.  I searched for them online and found they are running sneakers.  And it seems that all brightly colored sneakers are of the running variety.

Why is this?  Does wearing neon footwear make one travel faster?  Is walking for mild-mannered people who prefer matte colors?

I’ve never been a runner.  Typically I’ll get a comfy walking or cross training sneaker.  And in my current condition, I don’t do much of that either.  So perhaps I should really be looking for “strolling” sneakers or “driving” sneakers or “casual dining” sneakers.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even tried on a running sneaker, for fear that someone might make me do it.  But now that manufacturers are taunting me with cheery colors, I am tempted…

But I already own two pairs of sneakers – one pair white, one pair black – and a third seems frivolous.  They aren’t too expensive, though, and they would be nice to wear on dreary winter days.  I’ll have to think about it a little more, but don’t be surprised if you see me sporting them in the near future!

4 responses to “Feeling Sneaky

  • Sjoukje

    oooh they are happy and bright!! I wear running sneakers at the gym LOL! I like them coz they are as light as a feather, so easy to wear 🙂 They would brighten up the day wouldnt they? 😉


  • vince

    The bright colors on running sneakers should have reflective properties for night running. They are an interesting looking pair. If it makes you happy then go for it. With all that your goimng through, your happyness is all that should matter.

  • Matt Schwartz

    For some reason, all shoes have to categorized. I don’t get it. You walk into any shoes store and everyone is in some sort of category (i.e. Crosstraining, Running, Hiking, Trail, Walking)

    It’s all stupid marketing so they can tell you to buy what they want you be buying.

    Whatever shoe tickles your fancy in style and feel, I would buy that!! I often exercise in chucks and in modern day advertising, I haven’t seen chucks marketed as fitness shoes.

  • Nothing New « stage iv

    […] I’m pleased to tell you I pulled the trigger on buying these obscenely bright sneakers.  After several weeks I realized my desire was not fleeting and justified their purchase.  […]

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