My third round of chemo went off without a hitch.  My appointment was at 11am, but the office was running late, so I wasn’t seen until 11:30.  I first met with the nurse.  She took my stats, accessed my port, and took blood.  I weighed in four pounds lighter than last Friday, so I was pleased with that.  Total weight loss = 21 pounds in 6 weeks.  No one is concerned, and I can easily lose another 50 pounds before they are!

When the doctor arrived we first discussed my hematoma.  He was impressed by the size and aggressive appearance of El Lumpo.  (Yes, I told him the name.)  After he examined and rudely poked at it, he concluded that it was likely infected.  I also told him it was still growing (i.e. hemorrhaging).  So he prescribed an antibiotic (Ceftin), instructed me to skip Lovenox for two days, and advised me to take pain meds as needed.

My other chief complaint was increased back, knee, and shoulder pain.  It’s no doubt a side effect of chemo, and the only thing to do is to manage the pain; still, it’s important my doctor know everything that’s going on, even if there’s no magic bullet for resolution.

We left the examination room and headed for the treatment area.  I got a pretty decent chair, although not my favorite, and the waiting began.  Seth had a cooler with Wawa sandwiches, ginger ale, and sodas.  We hung out, talked, and entertained ourselves with various electronic gadgets until 3:30pm.

After picking up my new prescription and a couple of refills, Seth brought me home.  I napped until he returned with takeout around 7:30pm.  (Yes, he is the best!)  As we watched TV, I started noticing a new pain in my knees and hips.  They were burning.  Hmmm, another new surprise, I thought.  I took a Percoset, and over the next hour, the pain faded to 50%.  So I took another.  I’d say it’s down to 10% now, and I’m much more comfortable.

No one promised me chemo was going to be easy.  And so far, I think it’s being kinder to me than it is to some others.  My next scan is on June 25.  On the 26th I’ll find out if the chemo is working to shrink the cancer or at least halt its growth.  I’m really hopeful because my cough hasn’t been bad.  Still, I’d be lying to say I’m not anxious to hear the results!

2 responses to “Chemo-three-apy

  • Craig

    If your breathing and cough are feeling any better, my bet is that it’s helping. Hang in there and make sure your doctor knows how much hurt you’ve got. (BTW, Stevenson left UPenn for Cleveland clinic; I’m trying to switch to Evans rather than default to Stevenson’s replacement.)

  • Jessica

    Thanks Craig! Breathing hasn’t improved, but cough has. I’ll take it. Yes, I heard about Stevenson. Hopefully you’ll enjoy working with Evans.

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