Failure to Lounge

I have a confession…  For the past nine months, I’ve been sleeping, almost exclusively, on my couch.  Which sounds silly knowing I have a nearly new and very comfy bed upstairs.  Before I begin to explain myself, I’ll pause and allow you time to don your black robe and gavel.

For many years, Blossom tucked me into bed each night and slept on the floor nearby.  In the morning she hopped into bed and woke me up.  I treasured the time we lied together, and most often, I would fall asleep with her in my arms.  She would hop down when I dozed off and stopped petting her.

When I moved from a one floor apartment to a three-story house, I had to carry her up to bed each night and downstairs in the morning.  She had a whole setup upstairs: hay, water, and litterbox.

Then last September I started having trouble with the steps.  (If you read this post, you’ll recall I thought it was related to weight gain.)  I didn’t feel stable on the steps, and I didn’t want to risk Blossom’s safety.  That ended her upstairs adventures.

I wasn’t happy.  In fact, I was downright lonely.  A few weeks went by, and I did my best to adapt.  But then I started getting sicker.  I certainly wasn’t going to be sick and lonely, so I started sleeping downstairs.

Blossom sometimes hops on the couch to cuddle, but it’s really not big enough to lie side-by-side.  (She is a 16 pound bunny, after all.)  So each night when I’m ready to sleep, Blossom lies on the floor next to the sofa, her head right below mine.  I drop my arm down and pet her until I fall asleep.

Occasionally I’ll try sleeping in my bed.  It’s a challenge getting upstairs, but I can do it if I take my time and swear a lot.  I’ll sleep there for one or two nights, but it’s just not where I’m at peace.

And as time goes on, my couch is losing its magic.  So I’ve thought of some possible solutions.  One is to replace my couch with a reclining sofa.  This would also be great for those nights when I can’t lie down due to coughing.

I’ve also thought of replacing my love seat with a sofa/daybed.  It would be a tight squeeze, but then I could get a quality mattress.  I would probably get the twin size of what I have upstairs.

So now you know my deep, dark, nighttime secret.  I know that 99% of you will think this is ridiculous, and that’s okay.  But maybe there is one person that understands.  One person that couldn’t sleep alone, either.  If you have any ideas for me or would just like to offer words of support, I read and try to reply to all your comments.

Sweet dreams, everyone!  I’m off to pet my big bunny.  🙂


16 responses to “Failure to Lounge

  • Michelle Shaw - Mr. Doodlebugmom

    Are you kidding? I would do exactly the same thing. You need to be where you feel most comfortable and peace, and that is with Blossom and without those stairs!

  • Pat

    I don’t think its ridiculous! I went through a period of time when sleeping on my couch was the only way I could get any sleep. It finally dawned on me it was because I could snuggle up against the back of the couch and feel like I was sleeping with summertime. I got one of those body pillows and putt it on my bed and that helped some, but the back of the couch still worked better for me.

    • Jessica

      You know, Pat, I think sometimes that does help, having something to snuggle against. Because the nights I sleep in bed I will put a pillow right next to me. Thanks for writing!

  • Craig

    I’m sure Blossom feels lucky to have your company wherever it is.

    FWIW, my plan for townhouse living when my lungs worsen is to install a chair lift and maybe buy a foam wedge or two for the bed.

    – keeping fingers crossed for you

    • Jessica

      Hi Craig, I will definitely have a chair lift installed when Seth and I buy a new house. I’ll just have to train Blossom to hop in my lap when I’m using it!

  • Sara Stone Watson

    It’s not ridiculous. At. All. I think you have the percentages wrong, 99% of will get it, 1% isn’t worth worrying about:) In our family’s life, all SORTS of interesting sleeping arrangements have come into play at various times. Babies co-sleeping, adults on couches, and none of it was the “you’re in the doghouse!” cliche, it was just what worked at the time for our situation. One kid is allergic to cats. He listened politely while the allergist explained how to deal with that, and after we walked out of the office, kid blurts out “I am NOT locking Miep out of my bedroom!” Didn’t think he was ridiculous, either. Sleep where you can actually, you know, SLEEP. That’s the only rule to sleep, IMO. If hanging upside down wearing a ball gown helps you sleep, go for it. If you do better with a rabbit (or a cat), who would anyone else be to say you shouldn’t?? The point is to sleep, not to pass some convoluted societal appropriateness checklist! 🙂

    • Jessica

      Sara, I’m glad to know it’s not just me! And I’m tickled to imagine myself wearing a poofy pink ballgown and hanging trapeze style from the ceiling fan! 🙂

  • carol

    I totally understand this and can feel your pain of lonliness. As you know I am almost to the end of my divorce. I have someone in my life who is.all ready to commit again. You met Jim. Due to.circumstances we get very little.time to be together alll night. When we can I find myself.reaching out all night jist to know.that he is.there by my side. When I am allne I wake ar night smetimes and panic….confused..and realize.I am alone. I tezt him in the middle.of.the night just to know he is not.far away. So to want the comfort of Blossom…being able to reach oit and touch jeh for is a very understandable feeling. I say go with what makes you every night

  • Sjoukje

    What’s ridiculous about this? I dont see it!! Bunnies feel when we need them, just to pet them or have them near us. If Blossom feels you need her to be close, she will be there and it’s fantastic she does that!! So you be comfortable and feel better with Blossom around. It’s what bunnies do best. Be there for us and give us comfort when we need it most!

    love and nosebonks 😉

  • Rita Nauman

    years ago, when i had a small apartment, i simply moved my full sized bed into the living room and bought lots of pretty throw pillows and arranged them so it looked like a huge deep couch during the day.

    it meant my kids had a room then. i’ve thought often about moving into a smaller house with the same idea. you have a nice bed. how about just use it as a “daybed”?

  • Denise Rowell

    When my husband was living in a tiny apartment, we had a futon. But instead of getting the regular futon with the very thin, uncomfortable mattress, we bought one with a real mattress, like you would put on a bed. It was soooooo comfortable! That way, you can have a couch during the day, and a bed at night. And remember, there are studies that show pets on your lap can lower blood pressure. Blossom is probalby the best medicine money can buy!

  • Julie

    Not one iota of ridiculousness to be found — any bunny parent understands!

    Thinking of you both :.)

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