Dover: Part 1

What a great weekend!  Seth bought tickets to the NASCAR races in Dover for my birthday.  Then in March, I was fortunate enough to get (not available to the public) PIT PASSES too!!  I can’t say everything went off without a hitch, as it rarely does these days, but we had a great time nonetheless!


We left home around 8:15 am and stopped for sandwiches along the way.  Once in Dover (DE), our first stop was the credential office.  I felt so important!  After signing our lives away, we donned our passes and set out for the disabled parking area.

Once parked, we crossed the crossover bridge (go figure) and made our way to the garages that are used for the Saturday race.  As we walked through the area, the garages were on our left and the team trailers were on our right.  Seth got 4 or 5 autographs, and I met (and got Sharpie on) one of the drivers, too!

Our next stop was pit road.  We had walked pit road 2 years ago when we got a tour with the Philly MINI auto club.  But there were no cars and no activity, so this was completely different.  All the cars for Sunday’s race were lined up to qualify for their starting positions, and we got some great close-up shots.  We wanted to watch qualifying from the stands, so we exited pit road by crossing the track at the start/finish line. (They momentarily opened a gate for foot traffic.)

We grabbed some water and a program and headed for the stands.  Much to my dismay, the elevators only went to the sky boxes – not the regular stands.  So I took my sweet time and trudged up the hill to where the stands begin.  Then, the steps.  Seth was willing to sit right at the first row so I would have only 20 steps or so, but I really wanted to have a better view.  (Saturday’s race is general admission.)  We hiked to the 10th or 11th row where we settled in to watch qualifying and eat our sandwiches.

Shortly after I finished my sandwich, I was overcome by a terrible bout of acid reflux.  It’s not something that happens regularly – maybe once every 3 months.  And it had been a year or more since I experienced anything this awful.  My mind raced through the common causes; nothing fit.  The sandwich was my regular pick, I hadn’t had a sip of alcohol, and I had very little caffeine that morning.  As part of my cancer regimen I also take omeprazole (Prilosec) twice daily.  It just didn’t make sense.

The pain worsened, and I felt like someone plunged a torch through my chest and back.  I sipped water; it didn’t help.  When I found myself nearly doubled over in pain I realized I had to tell Seth what was happening.

We left the stands and headed for the first aid building.  I knew exactly what I needed: Pepcid Complete.  Unfortunately, all they had was Pepto-Bismol.  (I had some in my backpack and had taken it at onset.  It didn’t help.)  So we headed to the nearby grocery store, and Seth ran in to buy the magic tablets.  While we waited for them to work, we figured we would check-in to our hotel room.

I was improving but very slowly.  There was no way I was going to be able to attend the race that day.  I implored Seth to go back to the track, but he decided to stay and watch with me instead.  We both dozed off during the race, and my nap continued for a few hours afterwards too!

After some research, I believe the problem was caused by overexertion; it causes the pressure in the abdominal cavity to increase, which in turn can cause acid reflux.  In short, I blame the steps!

That night we had a casual dinner, took a dip in the hotel pool and hot tub, and watched some tv.  I was tired but pain-free by the time I drifted off to sleep.


2 responses to “Dover: Part 1

  • Carol

    I knew it was the races. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see the race and those damn places should be fully equiped for the less than “buff” attendees. Geez I wouldn’t want to do 10 flights of steps. I know you had a good time anyway because you were with Seth. Always thinking and praying that happy times will come more often. I hope you got some pictures for Blossoms face book page.

  • Denise Rowell

    I wonder what the heck was in those sandwhiches! Just thankful it went away and you were able to sleep. Hugs!

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