Looking Back

I keep a private journal in which I write somewhat infrequently. This morning I was reading through some older entries, and I came across this one from October 6, 2011 – approximately 5 weeks before my diagnosis.

Funny how my brain only wanders when I’m tying to fall asleep at night. Maybe it’s not nighttime but instead the pressure that I know I must fall asleep. Two things are certainly not helping me tonight: 1) the 3.5 hour nap I took this afternoon and 2) today’s doctor appointment.

They took so much blood for so many tests. I hope this is just mono. I’ll get over that and move on with my life. I really can’t handle something chronic. The TMJ is enough.

And I’m certainly ready to feel better…

Of course, the bloodwork was normal, and the doctor sent me home with allergy pills. Only after demanding a chest x-ray one month later did my world start to unravel.


One response to “Looking Back

  • kimmywink

    I had a very similar journal entry before D-day…sick of being sick.
    Clearly you can handle chronic. Wouldn’t it have been great to never know that about yourself? Take good care, Jessica.

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