Setting the Pace

There is something very exciting happening this weekend.  It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Seth and me.  But I’ve agreed to not discuss it publicly until it has occurred, so you must wait until Monday for all the juicy details.

Because of said event, I have had myself in semi-quarantine since receiving chemo 5 days ago.  Perhaps needlessly so.

As it turns out, one is most susceptible to infection 10-14 days after receiving chemotherapy.  That means I’ll need to avoid crowds and most public places next week.

And that also means that between chemo and a few fun outings, most of my summer is earmarked.  And I’m okay with that.  Prior to chemo, one of the most frustrating things was not knowing how I would feel week-to-week.  And while I’m not far enough along to document a pattern, I think I can gauge my response to certain events.

Here’s what I have planned for June.  Hopefully my body doesn’t have any other ideas.
– June 3-4: Exciting event
– June 15: Chemo
– Late June: Trip to the farm
– June 30: Brad Paisley concert

Above all, I’m focused on pacing myself and staying ‘healthy.’  This means avoiding anyone who might be sick and maybe even wearing a mask to the concert.  An infection could put me in the hospital (again), and that’s not how I want to spend my summer!

Fortunately, staying home isn’t a big deal at this point.  What I do depends largely on how I’m feeling.  Since last Friday, I’ve been sleeping a lot.  On days I’m feeling more sprightly, though, I will knit, sit outside and listen to an audiobook, or even take a dip in my little 8′ inflatable pool.

In the days leading up to chemo, I met friends for lunch or dinner, too.  It’s nice to discuss their regular life issues – work, relationships, etc.  I get really sick of talking and thinking about cancer; so my friends always have a story at the ready.  Of course the other thing I appreciate is the feeling that I’m needed. I like to fancy myself a good listener, and when appropriate, purveyor of advice.

For now, I must continue to rest in preparation for this weekend.  There will be loads of asphalt, rubber, sunshine, and beer!  Any guess as to where I’ll be??

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