My Chemical Romance

I’m having a tough time describing how I feel.

I had chemotherapy today.  Round 2 of however-many-I-can-stand.  I had a lot less anxiety; I knew what to expect.  And because less had to be discussed, it didn’t take as long, either.  I think we were there for 4.5 hours.  (Seth was my date for the special occasion.)

Obviously my body is pissed.  I have taken/received 15 different drugs today!!  Seven were chemotherapy or chemo helper drugs.  Two were ad hoc, take-as-needed meds.  And six are my regular, every day routine.  From all of them, six were IV infused and one was an injection.  Whew!

Most of my symptoms are run-of-the-mill.  My muscles are tired, and I am moderately achy in my back, neck, and joints.  I have a mild headache, but it’s nothing near the pain of a migraine.

If that was it, I would say I have ‘flu-like’ symptoms minus a fever.  But there’s something else.  I feel… wrong.

Avastin is one of the helper drugs.  It works by starving the tumors of new blood supply, thus discouraging growth.  The manufacturer cites ‘back pain’ as a common side effect, so I think I’ll blame Avastin for that.  (My previously fractured rib gets a nod as well.)

The two chemotherapy drugs themselves have loads of fun side effects, but today I specifically blame them for tiredness and weakness.

Finally, I received a new anti-nausea infusion called Aloxi.  The common side effect?  Headache.

So it’s easy to see why I feel crappy – at least with the symptoms I can define.  And as far as the less tangible feeling of ‘wrong’?  Maybe it’s just a result of a mild poisoning from all the meds.

My plan is to stay on my couch, try to sleep as much as possible, and avoid the world for a few days.  I need to stay out of the hospital and feel great by next weekend!


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