For Sale

I had a very special visitor earlier this week: my mom!  It was a last-minute thing; someone was able to watch the farm so she could come for a few days.

While here she helped me with a ton of things around the house.  Now my shrubbery is beautiful, the house is clean, and my kitchen is uncluttered.  Aside from all of that, it was just nice to spend time with her.

We ate out a few times, but otherwise the days were unscheduled and relaxed.  Each time she visits, I realize just how much we need to be near each other.  Living far apart has been difficult over the past few years, but we’ve managed.  Now that I’m sick, though, I can’t visit as often, and it’s been an emotional struggle for both of us.

With that, I am announcing that the farm is for sale.  It’s a 15 acre farmette located 2 hours south of Pittsburgh.  It would make a great country getaway or permanent retreat.  You can learn more and request a showing via the website.  Please share this with your network of family and friends.

Seth and I will visit her at the end of June as long as I’m healthy enough to make the trip.  Until then, our daily phone call will have to suffice.  I’m very fortunate to have such a close relationship with my mom.  And with everything that’s going on, I really need her here.


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