Quoth the Raven

I became enamored with quotations when I was 9 or 10 years old, and I’ve been collecting them ever since.  They inspire, console, or challenge me just when I need them.

When my peers covered their notebooks in hearts and boys’ names, I adorned mine with quotes that inspired and amused me.  (It should come as no surprise that I didn’t fit the ‘norm.’)

Some say quotations are used only when one doesn’t have an original thought of his own.  On the contrary, I think it would be arrogant to think there have never been great minds from which we can learn.

So if you will indulge me, I’d like to occasionally share with you some of my favorite quotations.  I’ll try to give some background and tell you about the author, if lesser known.  More often, I will probably use them as mini-posts when I’m not otherwise inspired (or entertained) by life’s foolish trials and tribulations.

Napoleon Hill was the father of personal success and self-help books.  His 1937 Think and Grow Rich is one of the best-selling books of all time.  Although I haven’t read it, I do like to refer to one of its most popular passages.  I hope you enjoy it too…

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’.”


2 responses to “Quoth the Raven

  • Pete

    Hey Jessica, thank you for sharing! Two quotes I’ve used and would like to share are, “Yesterday is gone forever–tomorrow is yet to be–the destiny of you life rests today with thee….” Also,” NEVER-NEVER-GIVE UP.” These were written by Robert Edgar Smyth, and Winston Churchill. Have a good day Jessica, God Bless and HUGS. Pete and Susie

  • Mary Ruggiero

    I am embracing that quote more this year than ever before! Thanks and keep them coming. I too loved quotes as a younger person and still do. They are like little gems that tickle my brain. I also love puns and limericks, but that’s a whole other issue. 🙂

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