I Feel Preddy

Today is my 6 month cancerversary.  That means it’s also my estimated original expiration date.

To commemorate it, I made a very difficult decision to go on a short course of prednisone.  You might remember we had a torrid relationship from November through March.  Well, after my latest setback I’ve had quite a tough time getting back on my feet.

My doctor discussed prednisone with me in late April when my cough started getting bad again.  When I grimaced at the thought, he assured me it’s certainly my decision, and I stored the option for future reference.

I discussed it with him once again today and decided that I need the help.  The course will be a matter of days, not months.  60mg for 2 days, 40mg for 2 days, 20mg for 2 days, and 10mg for 2 days.  And because it is so short, I should avoid the worst of the side effects.

I took the first dose 10 hours ago, and I’m already starting to cough less.  This stuff is AMAZING.  I expect over the next few days I will feel like superwoman, and I’ll have to be careful not to overdo it.

Oh, Prednisone, we both knew I couldn’t stay mad at you!

9 responses to “I Feel Preddy

  • readytotell

    Amazing stuff. Who discovered it? It’s truly a love hate relationship.

    • Jessica

      Great question! It was first identified and chemically separated by Alfred Nobile in 1950. And it was he and friends that made it commercially available in 1955 under the Schering Corporation (now part of Schering-Plough). It’s truly a miracle drug – and it can destroy your body too.

  • Pete


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you! You are such an inspiration to me and my wife Susie who is also fighting the fight! Peace and good journey—-love and hugs…..Pete and Susie………………….

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much, Pete. Best wishes for you and your wife.

    • Pete

      I didn’t mention, Susie has stage 4 small cell LC. Its been 18 months since her first treatment and she just went onto her third remission last Monday. Started in right lung,then to left adrenal gland, then to left kidney. She has her treatments at the Nebraska Cancer Center in Omaha.Ne.

  • Jessica

    That’s wonderful, Pete! Remission (or No Evidence of Disease) isn’t a possibility with my cancer, but you never know what medical advances are in the future.

  • Pete

    Jessica,we just take things a day at a time. Susie as well, has outlived her small cell stage 4 lung-cancer. keep fighting the fight please……………….
    We are with you Jessica, more prayers then ever being sent your way! Hugs as well! Enjoy your day! Peace–Pete and Susie……………

  • Carol

    I am a firm believer in drugs if they can help you feel better. I hope this puts some skip into your step so you can get down on the floor with Blossom and wiggle noses together. I’m sure Seth would enjoy a little nose rubbing too. Always thinking of you and praying for you. Take each good day and embrace it and surround yourself with everything you love. Even if it’s a big bowl of ice cream. Thinking of you every day. Keep fighting as hard as you can. Love You!

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