May Day Mayday

I met with Interventional Radiology on Tuesday to discuss port insertion.  Imagine my surprise when the nurse said, “wow, they want to do this right away.”


“They have you starting chemo on Friday.”


“And you’re already scheduled for the procedure on Thursday.”


Somewhere along the way someone forgot to tell me that all of this is happening so quickly.  I thought I would have until the middle of next week to worry about getting the port; and then another week or so to fret chemo.

Instead I’m now 7  hours until surgery and 27 hours away from chemo dose #1.

Most of my anxiety has shifted from the port surgery to the actual chemo.  Specifically, I’m worried about how sick I will get.  Since everyone is different, there’s no way to know how I will react.  But with my sensitive stomach, let’s just say I’m trepidacious.

Thanks for your notes of encouragement over the past few days.  I’ll write soon with an update.


11 responses to “May Day Mayday

  • Sjoukje

    OMB!! Lots of luck, strength, love, encouragement and all you might need Jessica!!! We all need to get you through this!


  • Pat

    I’m praying your port placement will go smoothly! I know everything is happening fast, but sometimes it’s better… It kinda gets things going and pretty soon it’s behind you. Take care!

  • Craig

    It sounds better to get things started quickly. I hope it works well.

  • HP

    Jessica- you’re a strong girl and have done an amazing job tackling everything that’s come at you thus far. One thing at a time- you can beat this! We’re rooting for you and support you! Please let us know what you need and it’s done!
    Fingers crossed you react well to the port and your first dose!

  • mattcodes

    I agree with Craig, it sounds better to get it started quickly. Less time to sit around and “think” about it… pull the band-aid off quickly, per se. Thinking about you over the next few days!

  • mattcodes

    I agree with Craig, I think it’s better to get things started quickly and have less time to sit around and “think”… pull the band-aid off quickly, per se. will be thinking about you over the next few days!

  • Bella's mom, Debbie

    Jessica – Ask your doctor about taking Ativan (sp) while undergoing chemo. I was on it as my oncologist said for some reason, it helped with
    nausea. I took it and never had nausea/vomiting.

  • Jennifer Scheps

    Hi Jessica. I was prescribed Ativan and Zofran for the nausea from chemo. Neither helped. What has helped tremendously is a 7 day patch called Sancouso. Ask your doctor about it. It is a miracle drug for me. The first round of chemo was not fun at all, but once I got the patch I didn’t deal with nausea or vomitingl! The only thing I dealt with was pretty intense fatigue. If the anti-nausea meds they give you don’t work…ask for the patch!!

  • Denise Rowell

    If you have any stomach problems like diverticulitis, please, please, pretty please let your doctor know. My dad got a bad stomach infection after his first round of chemo. He forgot to tell the doc about his diverticulitis, and it created some issues. Other than that, like other people have already posted, be pro-active about getting anti-nausea meds. I will say a big, big prayer for you. Hugs!!!

  • Jennifer Scheps

    Thinking of you and hoping that chemo is going as well as can be expected.

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