Short Rope

It’s been one hell of a week.  And yes, I’m at the end of a very short rope.


  • Blossom cut back on her food over the weekend.  She was still running for her veggies, but she ate only half her normal portion of pellets.  She didn’t eat any hay at all, which worried me a little, but she’s gone through those phases before.
  • I had an appointment with my oncologist.  I’d been coughing more and more over the past two to three weeks.  During the appointment, I had a fever of 99.8.  The doctor prescribed an antibiotic (in case the cough is due to infection) and a chest x-ray.  I had the x-ray done later in the day.


  • Blossom ate her morning veggies but didn’t eat anything else all day.  That night I gave her bunny first aid: simethicone and Critical Care, a supplement for herbivores.  She took a few bites of food afterwards.
  • My doctor called me with the results of the chest x-ray.  It looked like it did when I was first diagnosed.  Instructions were to continue the antibiotic and see how I felt by Thursday.  It’s probably progressive cancer, but the antibiotic would rule out the chance of a huge infection.


  • I took Blossom to the vet in the morning.  They drew blood, gave her fluids, and prescribed an antibiotic just in case there was an infection somewhere.  She seemed okay, she just wasn’t eating.  The vet called in the afternoon: the blood work was fine.  But as the night wore on she still didn’t eat or drink.  And now she had stopped passing stool: something that can be life-threatening for rabbits.


  • Back to the vet we went.  This time they took x-rays.  Food is in her belly and not her intestines.  She doesn’t want to eat because she feels full.  She got a lot of fluids, along with pain and motility meds to take home.  Instructions are to continue force feeding her every 2-3 hours when I’m up.  She doesn’t understand that I’m trying to help her, of course, so she fights me like crazy.
  • My cough might be a little better (or so I’m trying to tell myself), but I’m feeling worse.  I’m going to stay on the antibiotic through the weekend, but we are moving forward to prepare my body for chemotherapy.  I will probably meet with the vascular surgeon next week to plan for port insertion.  I don’t know exactly when I will start chemo, but it will be in 3 weeks cycles.  The first 4 doses will be of three drugs: Alimta, Avastin, and Carboplatin.  After that, the maintenance will be Alimta and Avastin only.

Hopefully Blossom will start eating and pooping tonight.  If not, I will probably take her back to the vet tomorrow for more fluids.  This is very hard and stressful on her, but it’s necessary if she’s not eating and drinking on her own.

Tomorrow I will visit the doctor’s office for a B12 shot and more blood work.  But the best thing for me, right now, is for Blossom to feel better.  Please keep your paws crossed for my baby girl.


4 responses to “Short Rope

  • Carol

    I really think she is feeling all your stress and pain and illness. This is all transmitted to her whether you know it or not. She is hurting for you. Keep offering all the favorites, strawberries, bananas, whatever she will eat. Keep her moving which expels the gas. Try to relax so she knows she is going to be OK. Take care of yourself and let me know if you need me to do anything. Prayers are in for Blossom and you!

  • Bonnie

    Paws crossed for both you & Blossom xo

  • Bella's mom, Debbie

    We are thinking of you both. Get well sweet Blossom.

  • Diane

    Am keeping paws and everything else crossed for Blossom – and for you and Blossom to have a much better weekend and week coming up.

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