After a 22 month hiatus, I’m pleased to inform you that I’m back on the needle!  Knitting needles, that is.

I taught myself to knit while waiting for a plane in 2007.  I spent the next 6 months consulting out of town and was in a hotel room 4 nights a week; I had plenty of time to advance my skills.  I even created an international game, Hat Attack, where knitters around the world knit competitively to be the “Last Hat Standing.”

I’ve always been able to pick-up certain skills quickly.  For example, I’ve played 8 instruments, and my original plan in life was to have at least a part-time orchestra gig playing the bassoon.  (I was accepted into college as a Physics major, bassoon performance minor!)

But I stopped knitting when I moved into my new house.  Everything was packed up, I didn’t have a particular project in the works, and, well, it just didn’t call to me.

Until last night.  I saw something online – a rug knitted out of 1/2″ rope – and the person was selling it for $198.  I was shocked; I could make that!  So I started wondering where my needles were…  I had seen them recently.  But all my yarn is on the 3rd floor, I thought, and I wasn’t making that trek.

Ah, but wait, there was this one ball of charcoal worsted weight downstairs.  (I’m not sure how long it’s been down here nor why I brought it down.)  So I hit the web and found a basic afghan square.  I had to refresh my memory for cast-on (how the yarn gets on the needles the first time), but then my hands did all the work.  It was like riding a bicycle.  Without the bicycle…  Or the riding…

I’m remembering now, ‘I’m really good at this.’  With each row the motion becomes more fluid and the stitches more consistent.  The muscles in my hands convince me to take a break every few rows.  Like anything else they can fall out of shape.

I don’t see the whole afghan in my future.  This one square is already boring me to death.  But I am accepting project requests and suggestions.  I’m a big fan of small, complex projects.  One of my favorite things I ever made was a dress for a coworker’s newborn.  Small stuffed animals can be challenging, too, but if I’m not working towards a goal (this is for so-and-so), they just sit around and collect dust.

I’ll work on the afghan square (fated to be a trivet) while you think about it.  Maybe I’ll also pick-up some jumbo needles and rope.  I don’t expect anyone would pay me nearly $200 for something I make, but I may be able to rake in a solid $20!  Maybe I can figure out how to knit a hammock too… And then lie in said hammock while I knit another.  🙂

2 responses to “Junkie

  • Nicole

    Ooo what kind of stuffed animals can you make? Can you make a bunny for the girls? I was doing a needle point for my mom that I started over 5 years ago. Maybe I should get back on that. :>

    • Jessica

      Hi Nicole! I’m sure I could find a pattern for a bunny. Why don’t you send me a private message on Facebook with your address, and some day a surprise will arrive. 🙂

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