‘Wonderful Tonight’

This weekend I attended a beautiful, elegant wedding… in sneakers.

My friend was engaged last summer, and I’ve been looking forward to her wedding ever since.  Over the years we have shared more than one bottle of wine talking about the future and how she wanted a family.  I’ve never been so happy for someone to be married.

The affair was held at the Rittenhouse Hotel, a ritzy establishment in Philadelphia’s famed square by the same name.  Many women sported evening gowns, little black dresses, and snazzy stilettos.

Needless to say, I felt a bit out of place in my black slacks and sneakers.  (Hey, at least they were black sneakers.)  I knew with mounting edema there was no way I was fitting into my heels.  Once there, I was most taken aback, though, when I caught my reflection in the elevator mirror.  Even through all of this, I don’t expect to look the way I now do.

The good news is that I saved enough energy so I could ask Seth for not one, but TWO slow dances; note the title of this post.  Yes, I panted a little upon returning to my chair.  And yes, slow dancing in sneakers had a weird junior-high-dance feeling.  But it was so nice to do something romantic and have that brief moment of normality.

We drank, dined, and chatted with the strangers at our table.  After a few hours, I was running on empty.  We politely excused ourselves before dessert, paid a ransom to retrieve our car from the valet, and headed home.

I wasn’t a conventional wedding guest, but I’m really glad I could support my friend on her special day.  Jackie, I wish you and Lou years of health and happiness together!

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