Money for Nothing

I didn’t win the lottery tonight.  You’re as shocked as me, huh?  Of course, I already had that money spent in my mind.  Here’s what I would do with a lot of money…

  1. Hire a very savvy wealth management firm.
  2. Pay off my family’s debt (and mine).  Mom, brother, Seth, and his parents.  I’d make mortgages, car loans, credit card bills, and student loans go *poof*.
  3. Buy an estate.  I figure in the Philadelphia area this could cost upwards of $12 million.  It would have a primary house for Seth and me, a smaller house for my mom, a caretaker’s house, and of course, enough room for all our animals.
  4. Take some time to let it all sink in and figure out how I can use my wealth to make the lives of the people and animals I love as happy as possible.

Money can’t buy happiness.  But I’m fortunate enough to already have the wonderful, intangible things.  If I had money, that would just complete the puzzle!

As far as the ticket goes… It was a $2 snack for Blossom!

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