The past few days have been very difficult.  I’m nauseous after taking the Xalkori.  Worse though, I feel very sick after I eat anything.  Saltines, a banana, toast: everything makes me so nauseous, and it’s miserable.  So I’m trying to eat as little as possible; just enough to give my stomach something to gnaw on.  And I’m spending a lot of quality time in the bathroom.

Through all of this, Blossom is by my side.  When I can’t sleep night after night, she stays up with me.  And the worse I feel, the more she snuggles.

Her personal space – with her litterbox, food, and water – is just outside of the powder room.  When I have to ‘camp out’ on the bathroom floor, she hops over to her space and keeps an eye on me.  No doubt she wonders what in the world I’m doing!

I’m fortunate to have family, a boyfriend, and friends who would answer my phone call, even in the middle of the night.  No person, though, could be here 24 hours a day.  And although Blossom may not understand why her mommy does these odd things, her companionship – and the love and attention she provides – is genuine and absolutely priceless.

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