All Aboard!

Tomorrow I resume Xalkori at the lower dose of 200mg twice a day. I know I need this medicine, but the reprieve has been nice.

This week I felt more energized than I have in months. On Wednesday and Thursday, I applied my zapping TENS unit and went for a short walk. Sure, I got really tired and breathless, but at least I had the ambition to try.

And then today I had a huge breakthrough! I had to go to Kohl’s, and they had no scooter. I took a cart for stability; and I planned to find a place to sit when needed.

Imagine my shock when after AN HOUR of browsing I had no back pain. None. It was the freakin’ Xalkori that had crippled me!

I’m very relieved to have an answer for some of the fatigue and all of the back pain. But I’m bummed that I have to put up with these side effects. It’s possible that they won’t be as severe on a lower dose; of course it’s also possible a lower dose won’t be as effective in controlling my cancer.

Either way I’m back on the Xalkori train tomorrow. As always, I’ll hope for the best and brace for the worst!


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