My oncologist called this afternoon.  I thought, “uh oh.  It’s bad, and he wants to see me right away.”  So imagine my surprise when he said, “the scan looked better than the first one.  You’re improving.”  This is wonderful news.  I meet with him on Monday, but I expect the instruction will be to remain on the Xalkori, continue to taper off the predinose, and maybe add a mini-cocktail of other things to manage some of my newer side effects.  Xalkori won’t cure my cancer, but this means that it IS shrinking it.  This should continue until I develop a resistance.  That could be this year or next.  But whatever it is, I’ll take it!

And now some sadder news.  I just learned that my uncle’s wife passed away.  From lung cancer.  She had a cough for quite some time.  She went to her doctor who insisted it was allergies.  (Sound familiar?)  And she trusted him.  The cough continued, and she became very ill.  She was hospitalized for dehydration, and they quickly discovered the cancer.  After one round of chemotherapy, her white blood cell count was near zero, and she opted to discontinue treatment.  She passed away one week later.

I can’t stress this enough.  Take what your doctor says with a bit of skepticism – even if he is your best friend.  The best doctor doesn’t know everything.

I know not everyone is as stubborn as me.  But when it comes to your health, you must be.  Stop ignoring that ache in your leg.  Get that 4 week old cough checked out.  Have your doctor look at that discoloration on your arm.  Ask for an x-ray.  Push until you have an answer.  If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  Take care of the ones you love.

2 responses to “Stubborn

  • Sjoukje

    Im so sorry to hear about your uncle’s wife…. You hear this all too often…go see a doctor for a cough or something minor and then out of the blue it’s over….

    Doctors scare me…I try to find an answer for every pain… like now Im having rather awful backpains for little over a week…I blame it on having to ride my bike up a bridge every morning and evening. Something I wasnt used to and I guess my body has to get used to….

    My dad died of leukemia when he was 31. Leukemia and some other form of cancer. (something that usually disappears as you get older had started to grow into the size of an orange and had managed to settle all through his lungs…so there was nothing that could be done) At one point I had these awful chestpains…and they only got worse when I thought I had the same as dad. I managed to get my doctor to sign off for chest x-rays. If only to give peace of mind. Which it did, coz after I got the results, the pain stopped. Im terrified of getting cancer, just because my dad did too.

    It’s also reason I was a blooddonor (cannot give anymore coz my veigns won’t allow it and if I ever need it myself they will be so messed up…so I had to stop 😦 ) and I am a bone marrow donor and bloodplates too. I’ve given bloodplates once. I was the only match in the country for this person. I think the bloodplate count was around 4, so not good at all. I dont know if this person made it…but the doctor told me that my bloodplates would be enough to get this person through the weekend at the very least. I hope it was more….

    I guess if it happens it happens… I shouldnt break my mind over it…

    Im happy to hear that your scan looked better Jessica!!! Fingers and paws crossed it will continue like this!

    xx Sjoukje

    • Jessica

      I’m sorry to hear about you father’s passing at such a young age.

      It is probably your vigilance that will keep you healthy, Sjoukje.

      And I understand about being a donor. One of the things I had to do after diagnosis was remove myself from the marrow registry and stop donating blood. The medicine I’m taking is such a mystery that they would never give my stuff to anyone.

      I’m sure you’ve helped more people than you know, both in the products you’ve donated, as well as sharing awareness with others.


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