One of the most surprising things I have experienced since my diagnosis is the outpouring of support from pure strangers.  One community, Bunspace, has been particularly supportive.

Bunspace was created so rabbit owners may find information, share experiences, and socialize with like-minded people.  Since its inception in 2007, Bunspace has grown to include sections for veterinarian referrals and adoptions from shelters and rescue organizations.

I joined Bunspace and created Blossom’s profile in 2008.  It’s similar to other social networking sites: she has other bunnies as buddies, virtual carrots (similar to Facebook “Likes”), and a place to show off photos and videos.  There are dozens of forums and groups for discussions which range from traditional topics (rabbit behavior, care, etc.) to things that have nothing to do with bunnies (politics, film, travel, etc.).

Shortly after my diagnosis, I broke the news on Bunspace by updating Blossom’s ‘status’ message.  The outpouring of support was incredible.  Many people shared their kind words via online messaging.  Get Well cards were mailed from countries around the world.  One woman made me a necklace with a charm that said “hope.”  These people, essentially strangers, wanted me to know how much they cared.  It meant a lot to me, so in turn, I try to ‘pay it forward’ when I see someone (or somebun) else in need.

It is clear that while owning a rabbit brings people to the site, the sense of understanding and openness amongst like-minded, warm-hearted individuals is what drives participation.  Best Friends Animal Society states their vision as “a better world through kindness to animals.”  Bunspace and its members are a great example of how passionate people work to achieve this every day.

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