Leap of Faith

Blossom rides first class in the shopping cart.

Something warmed my heart yesterday.

Since we moved into our home a year and a half ago, Blossom’s activity level has increased.  She was too skinny at her last check-up, so I’ve been trying to put weight on her.  I last weighed her at PetSmart when we visited Santa in December. (This store has a veterinary office inside.)  I think she’s gained a little, so it was time for a weigh-in.

Seth parked the truck, grabbed a shopping cart, and placed Blossom – soft carrier and all – inside the cart. Once we were safely inside the vestibule, I unzipped the top panel of the bag so Blossom could peek out if she wished.

As we proceeded into the store, Blossom popped her head out of the bag and immediately drew a crowd, as she tends to do.  All the attention, though, was not appreciated!  She leapt from her bag, found footing on the collapsed child seat of the cart, and flung herself over the handle and into my arms!  If she could talk, she would have said, “Mommy, protect me!”

Fortunately I’ve caught this leaping bunny before.

It seems that whenever Blossom is scared, she wants me to hold her.  Before Sunday, this only happened at the vet’s office where I can never get more than an arm’s length away from the exam table; given the chance, Blossom will leap out to me through thin air.  If I’m standing right at the side of the table, she will put one paw on each of my shoulders and climb into my arms.

It’s always shocking when a 16+ pound bunny throws herself at you.  But it’s also incredibly heartwarming. And yesterday it made me feel really good about myself.  Like I must be a good person to deserve such trust from this precious, innocent creature.  She made me feel… loved.


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