Back to You

I’m not feeling spectacular, but I wanted to provide a brief update regarding my back.

The orthopedist confirmed that my back is ‘structurally sound.’  This is really good news because I don’t need any other issues!  The theory is that my muscles may be extra-susceptible to atrophy as a side effect of the Xalkori.  And since I can’t walk very far (breathing), I’m not maintaining them either.

That said, it surely feels like a serious problem when I can’t stand or walk for very long.  And it irritates me when I or others say, “it’s only muscular.”  Oh well…

The doctor wrote a script for physical therapy, and my appointment for evaluation is on Tuesday.  It should be interesting.  How do you exercise someone who can’t breathe enough to exercise?  I’m hoping for massage therapy.  Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Back to You

  • Carol

    Yes, I think you should have a big script for lots of massage therapy. Actually that is very good for helping muscles that are not working properly. I hope they are prepared to give you oxygen while making you work out. I guess they will make it very low impact, meaning not getting your heart rate up but doing lots of reps to get the muscles working better.

    The problem with that is muscles need lots of oxygen to remain healthy and you can’t get enough to breathe much less share it with the muscles.

    On a lighter side I really enjoyed our visit and lunch. I hope to be able to come every few weeks and visit and help where ever I can. Was wondering how Gracie made out at the vet.

    I’m going to ask my daughter, who is in grad school for PT, what would be normal for your condition. She’s not all Dr. yet so maybe she will have some ideas from her experience working at a theraphy office. I’ll keep you posted.

    Give Blossom and big kiss and tell her I am sorry I upset her with the vacuum. She should be glad I didn’t try to vacuum her.

  • Matt Schwartz

    hey jessica,
    have any of your docs recommended taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements? There are numerous benefits including reduction in inflammation.

    • Jessica

      Hi Matt! This hasn’t come up yet. The main goal right now is to get me off the prednisone, which, on jumbo doses, was keeping me inflammation-free. Once I’m off the pred, though, this might be something to try. I think I’ll ask my oncologist as I get closer to being steroid-free. 🙂

      PS: Did you ever notice that I revise all your comments to make “jess” into “jessica”? heh heh heh

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