Material Girl

If you found out you were very sick, and you could have one wish, what would it be? Let’s take intangible things like ‘happiness’ and ‘a cure for my illness’ off the table. It’s time to be materialistic. What do you really want?

Saturday marked two months since my diagnosis. Yes, it’s already been two months. And yes, it’s only been two months! (I thought I’d acknowledge both sides of that coin.)

Anyway, this question, ‘if I could have one wish…,’ is something I’ve tried to answer on more than one occasion. I would sit and think for a moment, and then I would let it go. I decided that if my answer wasn’t natural and immediate, it wasn’t the right one.

But the intangible requests come naturally, don’t they? I want all the people and animals I love to be happy and healthy. I want my animals to have the life expectancy of humans. I want enough money so I will never worry about it again. I want every domestic animal to have a home and feel loved.

These things, mere daydreams, roll off our tongue so easily. Is it because we spend so much time in ‘what if’ land? Are we all closet idealists? Instead, I think it is that we rarely focus on the big things that can make us happy. We get so caught up in our day-to-day routines that the only out-of-the-box thinking we allow ourselves are the daydreams. The intangibles. Things for which we can’t hold ourselves accountable.

It’s subconscious, of course, and it satisfies a few emotional needs. First, it allows a momentary euphoria as you imagine your ideal circumstance. Second, because it’s intangible or incredibly massive, there is no path for one person to achieve it. You’re off the hook for taking any action, and that means there is no risk of failure. And third, you get to have a mini pity party for yourself when you accept the fact that it is only a dream, and you cannot see it to fruition.

Euphoria, relief, self-pity: it’s a cycle we complete in mere seconds, allowing us to return to our adequate and risk-adverse lives. And that’s perfectly okay; we need those daydreams. They are humbling and can inspire us to make a contribution towards a cause greater than ourselves.

As for me?  This weekend I answered my question: I need my mom closer to me.  That means we need to sell one property and buy another.  I only wish it could be as easy as it sounds!


2 responses to “Material Girl

  • Carol

    Oddly enough I have asked myself this already and have an answer. I want to create some legacy. I want to make sure that once I am gone there is something I can pass down to my children, grandchildren, neices, nephews, friends. So you wonder, how I can create a legacy when you think it will take money and time, both of which are limited for you.

    Well I listened to a radio show and they said everyone needs to leave something behind. For me I truly hope that Luv N Bunns becomes like a Best FRiends Sanctuary. I hope that for years after I am gone the non profit will continue to save lives and flourish with volunteers who have found the same passion as me.

    For you, it may be a book about your life. You might think this is boring but think how much the world has changed since we were children. Before the internet, cell phones, ipads, ipods, cars that park themselves. You could also write a children’s book and get it published. One of the volunteers in our group did just that. A Bunny Named Boo! Create some videos of photos albums or even videos on bunny care that rescues can put on their sites for how to cut nails etc.

    Bring lots of peoples minds together to help you put it in action. My sister is creating a book to pass on. I’m sure when my great grandchildren are born, they will find it fascinating. So here are a few ideas and create something that will bring you back into the lives of people you may never meet.

  • Jessica

    Carol, I am confident that you have already created your legacy and that Luv N Bunns will live on long after we’re gone. You have touched so many lives by sharing your love of animals. 🙂

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