I have so much on my mind.  Kinda like an old gumball machine.  Remember how they would get jammed because there were so many gumballs trying to escape at once?

I had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist.  We are decreasing the prednisone to 10mg and stopping the Lasix.  We also discussed some changes I’ve experienced over the past two weeks:

  1. Return of the cough.  (It’s not nearly as bad as it was fresh out of the hospital.)
  2. New back pain.

My lower back started aching in mid-December when I would stand or walk for a long period of time.  I’ve been quite inactive, though, so I figured this was just a case of atrophy.  At my last appointment, my doctor and I discussed it, and he felt it was likely another undesired side effect of long-term steroid usage.

Unfortunately, the length of time that I am able to stand or walk without excruciating pain has shortened.  Now I have about 3-5 minutes on the clock before I turn into a pumpkin.  And by ‘pumpkin’ I mean doubled over and tearing up in the middle of Family Dollar.  Oh yeah, it was lovely.

So in addition to the medication adjustment, my doctor ordered an MRI of my lower and middle back.  He doesn’t think it’s specifically related to my lungs, so we’ll see what the scan shows (if anything).  My guess is that it’s a bizarre side effect of the Xalkori.  It’s not one that was documented during the clinical trial; however, it is possible that not all side effects were present among the small population of 255.

Until we figure out that mystery and while I’m not breathing so well, you may see me flying around retail stores on their motor scooters.  The whole thing has been a bit embarrassing, especially when said scooters aren’t easily accessible.  At BJ’s Wholesale Club, it took 10+ minutes to get the right key from customer service.

The looks from strangers are humorous or irritating, depending on my mood.  They are frequently What’s wrong with you? and sometimes Should you be on that thing?  The best ones, though, are when I get off the scooter to look for a particular item.  The fact that I can stand seems to dismay some people.  I suppose it’s all par for the motor scooter course.

Stay tuned for updates on the MRI.  I doubt there will be anything to ‘see’ and instead expect that this has something to do with all the magic potions I’ve been taking.

I’ll also work on the gumball machine, and we’ll see what drops out for the next post!

2 responses to “Vroom

  • Bonnie

    Think of you every day.

  • Carol

    I know how you feel with the scooter and looks. When I had to transport my sister and had a handicap tag, people would say “you don’t look handicapped”. My response was “you don’t look ignorant but apparently you are”. OK. maybe it’s not a nice way to be but people are generally rude and put there nose where is doesn’t belong.

    You could always make jokes and tell them it’s the only motor vehicle your licensed to drive so you taking advantage of it. Ask if they would like to share a ride. Then they will really stare at you…with mouth open.

    Remember your friends need to feel needed and helpful so let them do what they can and humor them by asking for help. Next time I want to go with you and you can sit on my lap while I drive around like a crazed woman. We might as well have some fun if you have to suffer.

    I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Just keep fighting and surround yourself with friends and family…and of course lots of hugs from Blossom. Post on your blog ways people could help, even with little things. You will be surprised at how good you can make them feel. We all feel helpless because we can’t make you feel better so let us do some little things. Hopefully that will help 2 people, you and me:).

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