I waited 4 long weeks to see whether or not Xalkori was going to work for me.  And now I will have to wait one more day.

I met with my oncologist today, and in addition to my regular exam, he took blood and ordered a chest x-ray.  Results for both should be available tomorrow, and he will call me then.

Originally, we expected to see the targeted therapy improve my symptoms after two weeks.  But some of my current complaints (including increased breathing difficulty) may be attributable to long-term steroid use.  So the immediate instructions?  Continue to wean off prednisone (from 40mg to 30mg) and reduce Lasix (from 40mg to 20mg) because I’m not volume overloading.

I was really hoping to get an answer today.  An answer to “What’s next?”  I don’t want chemotherapy.  But if Xalkori isn’t working, then let’s do something else.  If you could tell me this will work, then I would know to sit tight and wait.  But this current phase – and the feeling that I’m wasting precious time – is driving me mad.

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