Fair Catch

I’m not always going to be able to be the cheerleader.  This journey is just beginning, and there will be good days and bad.  My loved ones will want to provide encouraging words at every bend in the road.  But please understand that there are times when I am solemn – and that’s okay.  I will share some things because I need to be heard and supported – not because I need someone to ‘fix it.’  I appreciate your understanding.

2 responses to “Fair Catch

  • jessica

    Very well said Jessica. Sometimes you just need to vent. Vent away momma, vent away. I’ll try to make you laugh when you are down. (or i’ll provide my kids humor as comic relief when i can’t)

  • Ray

    You’re perfectly entitled to tell someone to F off at anytime. Now you have a real good excuse for it. Although I’m sure that you’ve never really needed an excuse for that now have you?

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