Lights, Camera, Action

My first week with cancer was filled with tests, scans, and consultations.  Here is how it shakes out.

The Good

  • There is no sign of cancer in my brain, abdomen, and bones.  Woohoo!

The Bad

  • The cancer is present in at least 2 lobes of my right lung, 1 lobe of my left lung, and throughout the lymph nodes in my chest.

The Ugly

  • The extensive spread (both lungs and nodes) classifies this as stage IV.
  • There is no stage V.

Simply stated, this means that I will never be cancer-free.  But don’t count me out yet!  I have plenty of quality years – decades even.  I will learn to live with and do everything I can to control the cancer.  This will mean jumping from treatment to treatment as new drugs are developed.  Lung cancer will probably kill me, but it’s going to have to wait a while.

One response to “Lights, Camera, Action

  • RLS

    Yoi have a great attititude. We are along with you and support you. You can do this…daily. Do it! Praying for your strength and courage and comfort.

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